Darts Scorepad

Darts Scorepad is the successor to an earlier effort Cricket Scorepad. Cricket Scorepad was originally written in response to some requests from the readers of the comp.sys.newton newsgroup on the internet. Being a dart player and Newton owner myself I decided to take a shot at writing a good score keeping program for Cricket - Cricket Scorepad was the result.

After using Cricket Scorepad for a while I found it was lacking some obvious features and set to upgrading it properly. Darts Scorepad is the result. For those who used Cricket Scorepad I'll start by listing the enhancements in this version.


Operation of the program is fairly straightforward. The top of each column has an input line for the player or team names. These are displayed only and not used for saving games (yet) so feel free to leave them as Player A and Player B if you like.

Each "point" 20 - 15 (or 10) and Bull are represented by a row on the scorepad just as if you were scoring on a chalkboard. To register a hit click on the '+' button. 3 hits, 3 clicks. Future versions might have these buttons respond with pop-up menus for 1-9 hits.

The scores will automaticly be updated for hits on closed points that the opponent still has open. On the status bar there are 2 buttons: The info button and the Undo button. The Undo buton supports unlimited levels of undo. Unfortunately the system's undo levels (2) were inadequate so I was forced to put an undo button on the status bar. Tapping will undo the last commands one at a time all the way back to the beginning of the game (if you want to.) Trying to undo at the beginning will give the system's Trill beep sound.

The Info button allows the user to access the "About" screen by clicking on the About menu choice. It also will allow the user to start a new game Bullseye - 15 or Bullseye to 10 depending on the user's choice. The bottom section of the menu will indicate (with a checkmark) which type of Cricket the user wishes to play: Cricket (Also called American Cricket) or Mickey Mouse Cricket. To switch to the other game simply click on it. You may even switch between Cricket and Mickey Mouse during a game, although changes will not be retro-active. New clicks will be scored according to the checked game.

This version of Cricket Scorepad is Coasterware - use it in good health. If you like it - please send a coaster from a beer or brewery local to you (please no national brands like Bud, Miller, etc I have most of those already) to me at:

Allan Wright
1A Sylvan Drive
Dover, NH 03820

I hope you enjoy this program, and may you always hit Trebble 20!

Download Software

Darts Scorepad 1.2 (O.S. 1.3 through 2.1 compatible) is available in an archive which can be downloaded by clicking below on the appropriate choice below:

Darts Scorepad 2.0 (O.S. 2.0, 2.1 compatible) is available in an archive which can be downloaded by clicking below on the appropriate choice below:

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