Event Listing

Saturday, Oct. 25, 1997

7:00 am

Doors open for registration and game-master set-up.

8:00 am

8.01 Battle of Kissov

Hosted by Leo Murphy in 25mm using Will You Go To Flanders?

Period: Marlburian

The Swedes have invaded Poland and are marching on Warsaw. King Augustus of Saxony and Poland intercepts them in an effort to turn back the invasion. Be you Swede or be you Pole, come to the field and help decide the fate of a nation. 4-6 players, 4 hours, Level 1

8.14 Bloody Tomahawks

Hosted by Earl Richards using Struggle for North America in 25mm

Period: French & Indian War

The frontier is aflame as the French have their Indian allies raiding the settlements. Can the locals and regulars (maybe) turn them back? Skirmish level. 6-8 players, 3 hours, Level 1

9:00 am

9.05 Clive in India II

Hosted by John Costea using modified Volley & Bayonet in 15mm

Period: Seven Years War in India

More rockets, more elephants, more masses of irregular foot and horse! Guaranteed NOT to be your typical Seven Years War battle! 10 players, 3 hours, Level 1

9.07 Battle of Lake Champlain

Hosted by Fred Hubig using The Wild Geese in 25mm

Period: French & Indian War

A French force and supporting Indians are moving south along the lake when they are blocked by Gen. Howe and his forces. Game in the grand manner on a 6x16 table with Fred's handsome figures. 10 players, 4 hours, Level 1

9.09 Redcoats' Revenge

Hosted by Jeff Guerin and Bob Olson using Bob's Bloody Rules in 25mm

Period: French & Indian War

The British attempt to give the French a taste of their own medicine by staging an amphibious strike into the heart of New France to destroy an outpost, liberate valuable furs and turn the Indians against Montcalm's French. The wily Montcalm has alerted the countryside, using all his available resources to prepare a stout defense. Using Bob's Bloody Rules with great terrain and lots of lead. 4-10 players, 4 hours, Level 1

9.10 Italy, 1796

Hosted by William Keyser using From Valmy to Waterloo in 6 mm

Period: French Revolution

A hypothetical meeting engagement between the Austrians and the French during Napoleon's Italian campaign. 4 players, 3 hours, Level 1

9.12 Action on the Frenchkill

Hosted by Dick Bryant using Modified Desperado in 25mm

Period: French & Indian War

Chacun D'Espaire and his Indian henchmen led by Chinsthatshook helped by a few French regulars are raiding the small farms along the Frenchkill River. Can the American militia, helped by a few British regulars and scouts, ably led by Abner Lacksbottom (known to his Indian friends as Deer Mounter) prevent them from carrying off their spoils and end their depravations? Skirmish-level game sponsored by The Courier. 6-8 players, 4 hours, Level 1

10:00 am

10.03 Seven Years War Encounter

Hosted by Chris Parker using Princes & Petty Kings in 25mm

Period: Seven Years War

Experience the thrill, excitement and horror of being a wing commander in the Seven Years War. Rules are easy and quick to learn. 4-6 players, 3 hours, Level 1

10.04 Louisberg 1745

Hosted by Rodney Fernald using Clear for Action in 1/2400

Period: SYW Naval

A squadron of British ships blockading Louisberg in New France are challenged by the French sailing out of the fortress to meet a reinforcing fleet from home. Can the limeys fend off this French thrust? A hypothetical battle using ships which were stationed at Louisberg during the period. 5-7 players, 4 hours, Level 2

12:00 pm

12.14 The American Colonies are "Under Fire"

Hosted by Maurice Holmes and Leo Walsh using modified Under Fire in 15mm

Period: American War of Independence

Using these adaptations of the popular Under Fire rules, you can participate in a small skirmish between British troops and colonial militia during the American Revolution. Exciting and easy to learn. 4-12 players, 4 hours, Level 1

12.99 Opening an 18th Century Maritime Time Capsule: The Excavation of the Revolutionary War Privateer Defence

Lecture hosted by Dr. David C. Switzer - 1 hour

Defence was a Massachusetts privateer involved in Paul Revere's disastrous Penobscot Expedition of July-August 1779. The attempt to oust a British force from present-day Castine, Me., became a naval disaster of Pearl Harbor proportions. While pursued by a British naval squadron, 30 or more American vessels were run ashore or scuttled, Defence among the latter. The wreck site was discovered in 1973 and from 1975 to 1981 the site was the subject of an archaeological investigation sponsored by the Maine State Museum. This presentation will focus on the variety of artifacts recovered which reflect on life and work at sea in the 18th century.

Dr. David Switzer is a professor of history at Plymouth State College of the University System of New Hampshire and chair of the Social Science Department. He holds a master of arts and Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut and serves as consulting nautical archaeologist for the State of New Hampshire. In addition to the Defence project, he has been involved with the recovery of the bow of the clipper ship Snow Squall from the Falkland Islands. He is currently investigating a 17th century wreck site near New Castle, N.H.

1:00 pm

13.05 Clive in India II

Hosted by John Costea using modified Volley & Bayonet in 15mm

Period: Seven Years War in India

More rockets, more elephants, more masses of irregular foot and horse! Guaranteed NOT to be your typical Seven Years War battle! 10 players, 3 hours, Level 1

13.10 From Marlborough to Frederick

Hosted by William Keyser using From Marlborough to Frederick in 15mm

Period: Seven Years War

Take part in an early playtest of the Seven Years War variant of the popular From Valmy to Waterloo rules set, led by rules author William Keyser. 4 players, 3 hours, Level 1

13.99 The Psychological Basis of Seven Years War Tactics

Hosted by Brent Nosworthy - 1 hour

Was it just drill that won battles during the Seven Years War? A look at the changing conceptions of tactics during the mid-18th century, comparing the approach used by Frederick the Great and Warnery to those used by their contemporaries.

Brent Nosworthy is author of The Anatomy of Victory: Battle Tactics from 1689-1763 as well as With Musket, Cannon and Sword: Battle Tactics of Napoleon and his Enemies and various articles and chapters on military topics. Brent was a game designer during the golden age of military board gaming. He designed games for SPI and was a president of Operational Studies Group (OSG).

2:00 pm

14.03 Canada Cup

Hosted by Byron Angel using Man o' War in 1/2000

Period: SYW Naval

British and French squadrons are returning from Canada for the winter and unexpectedly collide in the Channel approaches. Get in on an early playtest of this new set of age of sail rules! 3-6 players, 3 hours, Level 2

14.07 The Battle of Cowpens

Hosted by Mark Fastoso using The British Are Coming in 15mm

Period: American War of Independence

"Bloody" Banastre Tarleton and Daniel Morgan clash in this brief but bloody encounter. Participants will play this scenario twice in the three-hour period, switching sides for the second game. 4 players, 3 hours, Level 1

14.09 The Battle of Minden

Hosted by Ralph Gero using Volley & Bayonet in 15mm

Period: Seven Years War

France vs Britain and allies in the western theater of the Seven Years War. Faced with a desperate situation in 1759 the numerically inferior Allies must attack the French. Numbers favor the French. Troop quality favors the Allies. Features fun and fast-moving Volley & Bayonet rules. Commands have been stylized to give each player all three combat arms. 7 players, 4 hours, Level 1

14.11 Holowczyn - July 3, 1708

Hosted by Greg Symko using Will You Go to Flanders in 25mm

Period: Great Northern War

Charles XII takes on the Russians under Repnin. Will Charles be able to overrun them, or will the stubborn Russians prevail? 5-6 players, 4 hours, Level 1

14.12 Into the Breach!

Hosted by Jim Dirmaier using Koenig Krieg/Festung Krieg in 15mm

Period: Marlburian - Vauban Fort

In the 18th century, field battles were rare. Wars and campaigns were won by siegecraft and the capturing enemy fortresses. Bite your nails waiting for your storming party to return or cheer your troops from the fortress walls as they sally forth! Gorgeous hand-made terrain makes this game a must-play event! 2-5 players, 4 hours, Level 2

14.13 Battle of Lake George

Hosted by Bob Olson using Bob's Bloody Rules in 25mm

Period: French & Indian War

Refight the battle that made William Johnson a British baron and the famous French commander Baron de Deskau a big looser! This key engagement during the French and Indian War was a classic confrontation between American militia and a handful of French regulars with Indian support. The historical battle was a touch and go affair and could have gone either way. Game with "Bloody Bob" himself and see how you do. 2-6 players, 4 hours, Level 1

14.99 The Campaign and Battle of Falkirk: January 17, 1746

Lecture hosted by Mark Mocarski - 1 hour

The Falkirk campaign saw the largest single concentration of Jacobite and Hanoverian forces in the entire '45 Rising and featured sieges, amphibious assaults, raids and the war's largest battle. Following the lecture, Mr. Mocarski will host a wargame of the battle featuring more than 800 25mm figures. (Please register for game separately.)

Mark Mocarski is author of Broadsword and Bayonet, miniature rules for the Jacobite Rebellion. He is author of various articles on Jacobite subjects in the Courier and Seven Years War Association Journal. He is currently completing To Fecht fur Charlie!: The Jacobite Rebellion of 1745-46, scheduled for release early in 1998.

3:00 pm

15.04 Pocock vs D'Ache Round 1: Cuddalore

Hosted by Tom Ballou using Close Action in 1/2000

Period: SYW Naval

As the Seven Years War raged in Europe, the war spread around the globe. The British and French were struggling for control of the Indian sub-continent. It was vital to control the seas, so that the armies could be supplied. To this end both sides sent rag-tag fleets to take control of the seas. The first clash of these fleets occurred April 29, 1758 off the port town of Cuddalore on the Coromandel Coast. 9-15 players, 4 hours, Level 2

15.08 "Aid Not These Scoundrels the Enemy"

Hosted by Jerry Lane in 15mm using Koenig Krieg

Period: Seven Years War

A superior French force must push a smaller force of mixed Braunsweigers and Hanoverians out of its way. Can the Germans hold, or will the Braunsweigers be turned into sausage? 2-7 players, 4 hours, Level 1

4:00 pm

16.01 Falkirk: Celtic Fury, January 17, 1746

Hosted by Mark Mocarski using Broadsword and Bayonet in 25mm

Period: Jacobite Rebellion of 1745

A visual extravaganza of the largest battle of the '45 Rising as roughly 8,000 Jacobites square off against 8,000 of Gen. "Hangman" Hawley's Hanovarians in a stand-up fight. Played on a 6x12 table with terrain boards and more than 800 25mm figures. A lecture on the battle precedes the game. (Please register for lecture separately.) 14 players, 5 hours, Level 1

5:00 pm

17.14 Guilford Courthouse: 15 March, 1781

Hosted by Mark Nichipor using Loose Files & American Scramble in 20mm

Period: American War of Independence

March 15, 1781. Noon. As you deploy some of the best units in the British army, you wonder what's out there in those woods. Loyalists suggest you are outnumbered better than two to one; but long odds are nothing to the British, Loyalist and Hessian units around you. There looks to be a line of blue-coat troops along the ridge in the distance, and another line in front of you. But what's in those woods? 2-8 players, 4 hours, Level 1

17.99 Fort William Henry, Site of The Last of the Mohicans

Lecture hosted by Dr. David R. Starbuck - 1 hour

The best-known British fort of the French and Indian War was Fort William Henry, located in what is now the village of Lake George, N.Y. The so-called "massacre" of British soldiers and civilians in late 1757 became the basis of James Fenimore Cooper's novel The Last of the Mohicans. Portions of the fort were excavated in the early 1950s in order to permit a full-sized reconstruction, which has been a prominent tourist attraction ever since. In the summer of 1997, Dr. Starbuck conducted extensive new excavations inside and outside the walls of the fort and in the fort's well, which will form the basis of his lecture.

Dr. David Starbuck has excavated military sites from both the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War since 1985 and has been the staff archaeologist at the Saratoga Battlefield since 1985. He has appeared on The Learning Channel's Archaeology program and has published approximately 80 articles, books and chapters in books, many of which deal with archaeology at military sites. Dr. Starbuck received his Ph.D. in archaeology from Yale University and currently teaches anthropology and archaeology at Plymouth State College, part of the University System of New Hampshire.

6:00 pm

18.03 A Father's Honor

Hosted by Michael Sammarco & Christopher Boni using Woodland Wars in 25mm

Period: French & Indian War

Duty to country, a father's love for his son, French honor and savage Indians all combine in this multi-player French & Indian War scenario. 4-8 players, 4 hours, Level 1

18.07 Retreat from St. Francis

Hosted by Phil Hammond using Bob's Bloody Rules in 25mm

Period: French & Indian War

Okay, Major Rogers. Your rangers have attacked the village, burned the fort and now have to retreat across endless miles of northern Vermont forest pursued by angry Indians and opportunistic French. Can you make the Connecticut River intact? 4-6 players, 3 hours, Level 1/2

18.10 Taming the Barbarians

Hosted by Steve Keyer using Napoleon's Battles in 15mm

Period: French Revolution

French troops in 1799 meet the Ottoman hordes. This decisive battle could decide the future of the Middle East. British intervention is possible! 6-8 players, 4 hours, Level 2

18.99 The Clothing Book of 1742

Lecture hosted by Robert E. Mulligan - 1 hour

In 1742 the Duke of Cumberland commissioned an engraving (colored by hand) of every unit in the British Army. The lecturer will use slides taken from George Washington's personal copy of this important document to discuss the uniforms of the British army during the 18th century.

Robert Mulligan is a lifelong wargamer and an 18th century re-enactor. He served as curator at Fort Ticonderoga and for 25 years as military curator of the New York State Museum in Albany, N.Y. He is a past adjutant of The Brigade of the American Revolution.

7:00 pm

19.05 Clive in India II

Hosted by John Costea using modified Volley & Bayonet in 15mm

Period: Seven Years War in India

More rockets, more elephants, more masses of irregular foot and horse! Guaranteed NOT to be your typical Seven Years War battle! 10 players, 3 hours, Level 1

19.11 Gross-Jagersdorf - July 30, 1757

Hosted by Greg Symko using Volley & Bayonet in 15mm

Period: Seven Years War

An outnumbered Prussian force under Lehwald takes on the Russian army under Apraksin. It's a must-win situation for the Prussians. The Russians are invading the fatherland and Frederick is too busy fending off the Austrians to help! 6 players, 4 hours, Level 1

19.12 They Are Only Rebels!

Hosted by Jeff Guerin using Volley & Bayonet in 15mm

Period: American War of Independence

A British column has been detached to seize supplies in three key rebel towns. The Americans are desperately trying to gather their forces to protect their vital munitions. Who will win the race? You help decide. 6 players, 3 hours, Level 1

19.13 A Prize is a Prize

Hosted by Leo Walsh using Home Rules in 1/600

Period: SYW Naval

You can captain an East Indiaman or a privateer in this home spun rules system inspired by Patrick O'Brian's series of naval books. Easy to learn and fun to play. 6-12 players, 4 hours, Level 1

Battlefield Tour: Bunker Hill

Sunday, October 26, 1997

This private tour with National Park Service historian, reenactor and wargamer Mark Nichipor will visit the site of the first pitched battle of the American War of Independence on June 17, 1775. We will meet at the Monument Street parking lot near Concord's Old North Bridge at 8:15 a.m. and will carpool to Charleston Navy Yard, arriving at about 9 a.m. Near the spot where British reinforcements were landed the day of the battle, we will review the background of the battle, setting the stage for the tour. During our walk up to the monument on Breed's Hill we will follow the fortunes that day of a handful of British officers and American rebels. Period watercolors and maps will illustrate the landscape at the time of the battle and will assist us in finding the same spots today, buried under the city-scape. Following the tour, participants will be only a short walk from the U.S.S. Constitution (Old Ironsides), the U.S.S. Constitution Museum and the Bunker Hill Pavilion.

A $2 per person park donation is required to confirm your place on the tour. The battlefield tour will only be available for Tricon attendees and their family members.