Fire and Fury Detailed Description

Fire and Fury is a grand tactical scale game that uses brigades as the maneuver elements allowing the larger battles of the American Civil War (ACW) to be fought. Battles such as Gettysburg, Manassas and Antietam are easily recreated completely with this set of rules. It is not for those gamers that want to dabble in the details of regimental level ACW wargaming but is suited for those that would rather recreate the larger battles of the war.

Basing: Each 1" x 3/4" (or 7/8" or 1") stand of 3-5 infantry represents either 150 or 200 men, each gun model represents a complete battery of 6-8 guns. Units average 5-7 stands for Union and 6-9 stands for Confederate forces but can be as small or as large as necessary to represent historical brigades.

Contents: Game includes rules glossy 69 page rule book with scenarios for all three days of Gettysburg and 2 reference cards.

Game Designer: Rich Hasenauer

Publisher: Dave Waxtel & Quantum Printing

Mailing Address: Fire and Fury, P.O. Box 956, Colombia, MD 21044

Rules Overview

The rule book is a beautiful glossy paged full size booklet with many color photographs and it is filled with detailed diagrams and charts for clarity. The booklet includes a very informative section on painting miniatures and building tabletop terrain that makes the rules worth buying for beginner or intermediate wargamers even if they are not into the ACW. Fire and Fury emphasizes tabletop beauty by marking the status of units (Disorganization, out of ammunition, wrecked batteries, etc.) with markers made from miniatures instead of casualty caps or cardboard chits like other wargames.

The Game Turn Sequence

Each side alternates taking turns, first Union then Confederate. The turn's sequence of play is identical for each side, consisting of three phases:

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