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The Fire & Fury mailing list exists for the purpose of distributing information about the Civil War miniatures rules Fire & Fury designed by Rich Hasenauer and published by Dave Waxtel & Quantum Printing. It is an unmoderated mailing list that is maintained by Allan Wright ( Opinions are those of the individual contributors and not those of The University of New Hampshire, Rich Hasenauer, Dave Waxtel or Quantum Printing.

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This is done by the listproc mailing list software automatically. You will receive confirmation of your transaction via e-mail.

Important commands to be put in the BODY of the mail message:

Posting Articles

Simply mail an E-mail message to The message will be sent directly to all subscribers of the mailing list. Be careful when responding to mail from the list - if you want the response to go to the whole list you may have to explicitly tell your mailer to do so. Using the Reply function of your mailer might send the response only to the original poster.

Seeing your own posts

When you mail a message to the list the server determines weather or not to send you a copy of the message depending on the settings you have set. The default is *NOT TO SEND YOU A COPY*. If you wish to see your posts bounced back to you for verification you need to tell the server to do this for you.

To do so send a message to The following commands in the BODY of the message

set fnf mail ack

I urge everyone, PLEASE take the time to send the server a "HELP" message and read the documentation it sends you. Also the set command might warrant some additional reading as it is how you set the server to your liking to get the most out of it.

Changing over to the digest

To change over to the digest, instead of "loose" mail, send a message to The with the following commands in the BODY of the message

set fnf mail digest

Archive Information

Past articles will soon be archived and may be accessed via the World Wide Web (WWW) at the following URL: This page also contains other information about Fire & Fury.

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