Fire & Fury Q&A

Contributed by: Alan Saunders (

I was tidying up a disk today when I came across some Fire and Fury rules queries I sent Greg Lyle a couple of years ago. I though they might be of interest.

Q1 - If an unattached battery is charged does it count as
		 	A) Fresh (+2)
			B) Worn (0)
			C) Spent (-1)

A1 - A gun has an effectiveness rating of 0 (B)

Q2 -  Does a silenced battery count as disordered for charge combat
purposes ?

A2 - Yes,  - it is a remote possibility, but it could tip the scales in
a charge combat - excellent question - it could happen.

Q3 -  Does a damaged status for an artillery battery have any effect on
charge combat ?

A3 - Treat it the same as if it were a full battery. (Answers 1&2 apply)

Q4 -  If more than one leader is attached to a brigade and it is hit by
firers rolling a '10' what happens ? Do you
			A) roll for all leaders ?
			B) choose a leader to roll for ?
			C) let the firer choose a leader ?
			D) randomly choose a leader ?
			E) roll for the most senior leader ?
			F) none of these.

A4 - We now roll for all commanders (including brigade commander's who
are not exceptional).

Q5 -  A brigade must breakthrough charge towards the nearest enemy. If
there is an enemy that is further away than the nearest enemy, but
requires a shorter move to reach do you charge that one instead ?



		^11111111111  vAAAAAAAAAA

'A' and 'B' are Union brigades, '1' is a victorious Confederate brigade
about to breakthrough. 'A' is 2" from the left flank of '1', 'B' is 5"
in front of '1'. To charge 'A' (the nearest enemy) '1' would have to
wheel and would probably fail to contact. 'B' is further away but is a
more logical target as it requires a shorter move.

A5 - OK

Q6 -  Can cavalry with a Tardy movement result dismount using all of
their available movement ?

A6 - Yes, if in the open and already in line, otherwise no.

Q7 -  Dismounted cavalry can only be in line. If mounted cavalry is in a
formation other than line and it dismounts is the change of formation
automatic, or must the brigade change into line before dismounting ?

A7 - Automatically into line regardless of mounted formation, unless

Q8 -  If a brigade with an exceptional commander is destroyed or
dispersed, does the commander count as killed for victory point purposes

A8 - No, the brigade awards the normal points for its demise.