Points List for Fire & Fury

Written By: Andy Clark ( andyc@defena.zynet.co.uk)

I have attempted here to construct a simple points system, which will enable gamers to fight equal point battles with different forces.
     The basic unit is a stand of veteran infantry @ 5 points
     green stands -1 (ie 4pts.) crack stands +1 (6 pts.)
     cavalry +2 ( i.e. veteran cav. 7 pts. )
     artillery battery 50 points.
     command stand @ 10 points (one to be chosen for each brigade).
     Corps command @ 50 points. Divisional command @ 25 points.
     1 unattached cavalry brigade can be chosen but 2 or more
     brigades must be under divisional command. 

     Arillery can be selected at a maximum of 1 battery for every
     two brigades plus a maximum of 2 Corps batteries.
     Cavalry brigades have horse artillery (if any selected).
     Maximum of four brigades per division.
     Dice for each general/brigade - 9\10 indicates exceptional. 
Well there it is! Any comments would be appreciated. I have not used this system much but in keeping with the rule set it is user friendly. Essentially all one need remember is that a vet.inf.stand = 5pts.Then it`s just + or - 1 point as required. The one problem I can foresee is cavalry (too cheap ?).

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