Fire & Fury Random Unit Generation Tables

Contributed by: Thomas Wirsing (

As posted several weeks ago, something our local group of guys in Central Illinois does is to play quite a few randomly generated scenarios. In a very old issue of "The Zouave" magazine, I had come across similar tables for "Stars and Bars", so I just tweaked a few things here and there adapted it for FNF. I do not claim these tables are historically accurate but they do provide for a somewhat balenced game with a good historical feel. For what it's worth.

All dice rolls are done using 10-sided dice. Usually roll two together to gain results.

  1. Theater Table
    Eastern Theater Western Theater

  2. Year Table

  3. Exceptional Commander Table
    Union 1861-63Union 1864-5Conf. 1861-3Conf. 1863-5

  4. Disivion Strength Table (all years)
    4 Brigades3 Brigades2 Brigades

  5. Brigade Size Table
    5 Stands 6 Stands 7 Stands 8 Stands 9 Stands
    Conf. 1-56-20 21-7374-9091-100

  6. Brigade Morale Table
    Union 1861-1862 1-5 6-6061-100
    Union 1863 1-13 14-7576-100
    Union 1864-1865 1-19 20-8586-100
    Conf. Western 1861-621-1011-7071-100
    Conf. Western 18631-20 21-8586-100
    Conf. Western 1864-65 1-2021-8081-100
    Conf. Eastern 1861-621-1920-7677-100
    Conf. Eastern 18631-24 25-9091-100
    Conf. Eastern 1864-651-2021-9091-100

  7. Brigade Effectiveness Table Take it directly from the front of FNF

  8. Artillery Table
    3 Batteries2 Batteries1 Battery

As mentioned in an earlier post, we have each player roll for his own division or corps as he arrives. The guys really seem to enjoy constructing their own units. It also saves time for the guy hosting the game. Under the Exceptional Commander Table you can use that for both division and brigade level. If you think the units should have more stands, simply change the count. We continue to do a certain amount of adjusting ourselves. The important thing is to have fun. If you have any questions, you know where to find me.

Thomas Wirsing (