Fire & Fury Scenario Generator V1.1
by Vincent Tume, August 1999.

I became involved in playing Fire & Fury a few years ago while I was living in Kingston. One of our club members brought in a scenario generator one evening and I was surprised by two things:

It was freely distributed over the web; and It relied on die rolling.

Some time later, I decided that designing a program to do the same thing might be a worthwhile project and the attached file is the result of that decision (and a few hours of coding).

For the non-Macintosh people out there; I'm sorry but, if someone wants to port this, I'll happily make the source code available. The code has been tested on '020 '030 and '040 Macs. Older 68K Macs and PowerMacs should also be able to run it without difficulty but I didn't have any around to test it on so...

The program assumes that each player controls either a Union or Confederate division to a maximum of six players. This makes corps level battles possible, although the table does get a little crowded. I'm intending to port the code to Java eventually and get a nice GUI designed since the UI is now text based.


Anyway, the program launches by double-clicking the icon and you are immediately prompted to enter the number of players. This should be a number between 2 and 6 (If the number entered is odd, the Union player gets the extra division; but a good umpire can decide when that extra division comes onto the field) and the program then generates army lists appropriate to the (randomly generated) year.

Once the program has completed generating the list, the user is prompted to press the "return" key. The list is stored in a file (in the same folder as the generator program) called "scenario" which can be read an printed using "Teach Text" or any other text editor. It is important to note that the scenario file is over-written every time the program is run so, if you want to keep the scenario, drag it to a different folder. The program generates a new scenario file if it doesn't see one in the home folder (where the Generator program is installed)


This code is provided "as is". I've attempted to make sure that it has no "undocumented features" but there's always the chance that I've missed something so use this code with caution.

This program is provided free to use and distribute as long as all original files are included in the archive. I'm doing this not so much to support the "free software" movement, but rather in recognition that maybe one in a hundred of you would actually pay any shareware fee. However, if someone requests the source code and intends on a commercial release, we will have to come to some arrangement (I'll have to ask my lawyer's advice on that one) in which only the lawyers get paid. Freeware (beerware, postcardware etc) releases on other platforms that mention my name would be appreciated.