Bayonets, Shells and Balls ! - A Review

Written by: Alan Saunders (

This is a collection of grand tactical brigade scale scenarios designed to be used with any set of rules, but aimed primarily at Fire and Fury and On To Richmond. It has been produced by Potomac Publications, who also do the Johnny Reb scenario booklet collection which includes Bullets and Dirt. There are ten scenarios, all set in the Eastern theatre. The size of the scenarios varies; the smallest table is only 4' x 4', the largest 6' x 9'. Lengths range from a few hours to a monstrous fourteen hours.

The scenarios are written so as to be generic. To this end brigades are described by how many men are in them and whether they are green, average or elite. Commanders of divisional level and greater are described as superior, average and poor. Brigade commanders are not classified, but a few (a very few) brigades are rated as exceptional.

The maps are clear and look relatively simple to reproduce on the tabletop; more so than the ones in Great Eastern Battles.

It should be stressed that since I only received this booklet yesterday I haven't had chance to do anything more than read it through. I couldn't comment on how the scenarios play or how balanced they are. But most of them look quite fun and I would recommend this booklet.

The scenarios covered are:

Gaines' Mill - 27th June 1862 - p1-3
South Mountain - 14th September, 1862 p4-6
Second Bull Run (Second Manassas) - 29th August 1862 - p7-9; The attack on the railway cutting, 1st day.
Chancellorsville - 2nd May 1863 - p10-12; The attack on XI Corps
Wilderness - 5th-6th May 1864 - p13-16; Covers two days of the battle.
Drewry's Bluff - 16th May 1864 - p17-19
Third Winchester - 19th September 1864 - p20-22
Cedar Creek - 19th September 1864 - p23-25
Bentonville - 19th March 1865 - p28-30
White Oak Road - 31st March 1865 - p26-27

In the UK it is available from:
George Anderson,
113 Clyde Street,
In the US try Ryan Toews:
Box 1392
R0A 2A0
or: Dale Bley
3772 Bohnsack Ln.
Cottage Grove
Wisconsin, 53527
In the UK it costs L6.95 (which includes P+P).

Alan Saunders

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