The Battle of Bentonville

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The following is another Fire and Fury scenario, presented for your entertainment. This scenario has received precisely one playtest (on Friday evening). The Confederates clinched a marginal victory after driving a number of the Union brigades into the swamp.

Alan Saunders

How Close Their Battle Flags Were Together
The Battle of Bentonville
North Carolina, 19th March 1865

A Scenario For Fire & Fury


This scenario is a hybrid between a Johnny Reb scenario in 'Across a Deadly Space' by Ryan Toews and George Anderson and a boardgame scenario in Victory Games' 'Across Five Aprils'. It covers an attempt by Joseph E. Johnston to surprise and destroy two isolated corps of Sherman's army. The Confederate order of battle is much simplified from reality; the force was made up of a hotchpotch of units with some corps being barely brigade sized. Units have been amalgamated and commanders lost so as not to give the Confederate to high a ratio of leaders to brigades. The essential structure of the force has been captured however.

Order of Battle

Union Forces

Army of Georgia (Left Wing)

XIV Army Corps

Davis			1 Ldr

First Division

Carlin			1 Ldr
Hobart			7/5/4 Inf
Buell			8/6/4 Inf
Miles			4/3/2 Inf

Second Division

Morgan			1 Ldr
Vandever		10/8/5 Inf
Mitchell		7/5/4 Inf
Fearing			7/5/4 Inf

Corps Artillery

2 Artillery

XX Army Corps

Williams		1 Ldr

First Division

Jackson			1 Ldr
Selfridge		5/4/3 Inf
Hawley			8/6/4 Inf
Robinson		10/8/5 Inf

Second Division

Ward			1 Ldr
Case			9/7/5 Inf
Dustin			8/6/4 Inf
Cogswell		6/5/3 Inf

Corps Artillery

2 Artillery


Confederate Forces

Hardee's Corps

Hardee			1 Ldr (E)

McLaw's Division

Walthall		1 Ldr
Blanchard		3/-/2 Inf
Kennedy			7/5/4 Inf
Harrison		5/4/3 Inf
Fiser			4/3/2 Inf
Artillery		1 Artillery

Taliaferro's Division

Anderson		1 Ldr
Elliot			8/6/4 Inf
W. Butler		4/3/2 Inf
Artillery		1 Artillery

Cheatham's Division

Bate			5/4/3 Inf

Lee's Corps

D.H. Hill		1 Ldr (E)

Stevenson's Division

Stevenson		1 Ldr
Henderson		4/3/2 Inf
Pettus			4/3/2 Inf

Coltart's Division

Coltart			1 Ldr
Sharp			4/3/2 Inf
Brantly			4/3/2 Inf

Department of North Carolina

Hoke's Division

Hoke			1 Ldr
Clingman		3/-/2 Inf
Colquitt		6/5/3 Inf
Hagood			6/5/3 Inf
Kirkland		7/5/4 Inf
Baker			6/5/4 Inf
Artillery		1 Artillery

Unattached Troops


Hampton			1 Ldr (E)
M.C. Butler		4/3/2 Cav
Artillery		1 Horse Artillery

Loring's Division

Loring			2/-/- Inf

Special Rules

Confederate Cavalry

Owing to the need to preserve valuable horseflesh the Confederate cavalry brigade of M.C. Butler may not initiate charge combat whilst mounted unless they are outflanking the target, it is limbered artillery or it is disordered.

In addition, no element of Hampton's division may voluntarily move more than 16- from the North East edge.

Surprise Attack

In both the Confederate and Union 1400 turns all brigades under the command of D.H. Hill receive a +1 bonus in charge combat. In addition, all Union defensive fire against these brigades on the Confederate 1400 turn is at half effect.


All brigades are allowed to build breastworks during the course of the game. In order to build works a brigade must be in line or supported line. In order to begin building works the unit does not roll on the maneuver table, but places an entrenching marker instead. In its next movement phase it may, in lieu of rolling on the maneuver table, place works sufficient to cover its frontage and that of any attached artillery. The entrenching marker remains in place.

The entrenching marker is removed if the brigade is engaged in charge combat, moves or becomes disordered. It is also removed if the unit fires, unless the works have also been placed in which case the unit may fire without restriction. Whilst the marker is in place the brigade suffers a -1 on all maneuver rolls, reflecting a reluctance to leave works once it has started to dig-in.

Note that since terrain effects are not cumulative there is no point in a unit entrenching if it is in woods.

Terrain Effects

Game Length

The scenario starts with the Confederate 1400 turn and ends with the Union 1830 turn.

Victory Conditions



The following units are deployed at the start of the game:

DAVIS, CARLIN, Hobart, Buell, Miles, MORGAN, Vandever, Mitchell, Fearing, 1 Artillery (Davis), Robinson

The artillery battery is deployed unlimbered 8- South West of objective +X1+.

Vandever, Mitchell, Fearing and Miles are deployed in supported line facing North East in the area marked Z-Z on the map

Robinson is deployed in line facing North East 24- from the North East edge and 16- from the North West edge.

Hobart is deployed in line 12- from the North West edge and 6- to the rear of Robinson. Buell is deployed 4- directly to the rear of Hobart.

All leaders are deployed attached to or within 2- of any unit in their command.


HOKE, Colquitt, Clingman, Hagood, Kirkland, Baker, D.H.HILL, STEVENSON, Henderson, Pettus, COLTART, Sharp, Brantly, Bate, HAMPTON, M.C.Butler, Loring, 1 Artillery (Hoke), 1 Horse Artillery (Hampton)

Colquitt and Kirkland deploy in line facing South West behind the works marked on the map. Clingman and Hagood are deployed supporting them in line. 1 Artillery (Hoke) is attached to either front line brigade.

Bate is deployed in line to the left of Hoke+s Division facing West.

M.C. Butler is deployed mounted and in line facing South West 6- behind the works.

Baker is deployed in supported line facing South in the area marked W-W. The horse artillery is deployed just to the right of this brigade. Loring is deployed in line to Baker+s left.

The four brigades of Lee+s Corps are deployed on the edge of the woods in any order in line facing South within the area marked Y-Y on the map.

All artillery is deployed unlimbered. All leaders are placed attached to or within 2- of any unit in their command.

Reinforcement Schedule


At the start of each Union turn the player rolls a dice and keeps a running total of the scores. Reinforcing units enter when the accumulated total exceeds their activation level. The activation level of each reinforcement is:

Selfridge, Hawley 10
1 Artillery (Davis) 15
Case, Dustin 20
Cogswell 25
2 Artillery (Williams) 30

All Union troops dice for their point of entry:

1-5 Point C
6-0 Point D

All Union troops enter in march column. They may opt to remain off table on the turn of entry and enter the table in any formation within 6- of the entry point. No brigade can initiate charge combat on the turn of entry unless the target is within 6- of the entry point.


Confederate reinforcements appear according to the following schedule:

1400HARDEE, WALTHALL, Blanchard, Kennedy (A)

ANDERSON, Elliot, W. Butler, 1 Artillery (Anderson) (B)
1430Harrison, Fiser, 1 Artillery (Walthall) (A)

All Confederate troops arriving at Point A enter in march column. They may opt to remain off table on the turn of entry and enter the table in any formation within 6- of the entry point. Those troops arriving a Point B may enter in any formation. No brigade can initiate charge combat on the turn of entry unless the target is within 6- of the entry point.


Two options are provided for this scenario. The first assumes that Hardee was delayed but that Bragg did not request one of his divisions for support. The second assumes that Hardee did not get lost and arrived on time. Both options only affect the Confederate set-up and reinforcement schedule.

Option 1

All of the Confederate reinforcements arrive at Point B according to the following schedule:

1400ANDERSON, Elliot, W. Butler, 1 Artillery (Anderson)
1430HARDEE, WALTHALL, Blanchard, Kennedy
1500Harrison, Fiser, 1 Artillery (Walthall) (A)

In this option. objective X2 is worth 8 points to the side that controls it.

Option 2

The brigades of Baker and Loring are now deployed anywhere within 8- of the North East edge in any formation. The horse artillery battery of the cavalry division is deployed anywhere within 12- of this edge. Lee+s Corps is no longer deployed between Y-Y. The Confederate player has three groups of troops which can be deployed according to the following rules. One group must be deployed at W-W. One group must be deployed at Y-Y. The final group enters at Point B on the 1400 Confederate turn. The group deployed at Y-Y receives the suprise bonus described in the special rules.

The three groups are:

Lee's Corps, Anderson's Division, Walthall's Division.

When playing this option objective X2 is worth 10 points to the controlling side.


This scenario uses an 6+ x 4+ table laid out as follows:

                    C        South West Edge
    |        *******O*********r***OO****************|
   D|O      ********O*        r*OO******************|
    | OOOOO********O*    SSSrr O********************|
    |   ***OOOOO X2O     rrrSSrrrrrrrrr*************|
    +*******    OOOO  rrr  SSO*********r************+
    |******      rrrrr      O********   r           |
    |*******  rrr  O      OO*******                 |
    |********r     O    OO*******                   |
    |S******r******O***O*******                     |
  S |SSSSSSS*******O**O******                      *|^ N
  o +SSSSSSS******O**O*****                       **+| o
  u |SSSSSSS******OOO****                        ***|| r
  t |SSSSSSSSS****O****                         ****|  t
  h |SSSSSSSSS****O**                          *****|B h
    |SSSSSSSSS****O*                          ******|
  E |SSSSSSSSS****O                    rrrrrrrrr****|| W
  a +SSSSSSSSS***O                           ***rr**+V e
  s |SSSSSSSSS** O                          *****r**|  s
  t |SSSSSSSS*** O                         Y*****r**|  t
    |SSSSSSSS*** O                        ********r*|
  E |SSSSSSS**** O                        *********r|  E
  d |*SSSSS***** OX1                     ***********|  d
  g +**********  OOOOOOOO               ************+  g
  e |*********  O        OOOOOOO      **************|  e
    |*********  O               OOO  Y**rrrrrrrrrrrr|
    |*****Z***  O       Z MMMM     OOW              |
    |*********  O       MMMMMMM       O             |
    |*********  O      MMMMMMMMMW      O            |
    +*********wwOwwwwwwMMMMMMMMM        O   ******  +
    |O********  O      MMMMMMMMM   ******O**********|
    |*OOOOO***  O       MMM***************O*********|
    |******OOO  O        r*************OOOOOOOOOOOOO| A
    |*********  O       *r**************************|
                           North East Edge

* = Woods			S = Swamp
M = Marshy Ground		O = Road
r = Stream			X1, X2 = Objectives
w = Fieldworks			Z = Union deployment
W = Confederate deployment	Y = Confederate deployment

End of Scenario

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