The Battle of Pea Ridge

Contributed by: Rasmus Lynge (

My name is Rasmus. I'm a 18 yearold Dane, who has seen this page and have seen Pea Ridge, and was a little dissappointed.Here is my suggestion to the scenario.

FIRE & FURY Order of Battle for Pea Ridge

Two Player Scenario 150 men per stand / 6 artillery guns per stand

This Scenario represents the battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas on May 7th , 1862 between the Union forces led by Samuel R. Curtis and facing the Confederate forces led by the Earl Van Dorn. The military situation was that the CSA forces lost the battle of Wilson's Creek in August, 1861. This resulted in that CSA being driven from Missouri. Samuel R. Curtis took over the command of the army, who had lost their General Nathaniel Lyon at Wilson's Creek.He had an army of 11,000 men. He pursuited the CSA into Arkansas. Here he met Van Dorn's army of 17,000 men. In a situation rare during the Civil War, Van Dorn's advancing Confederate army outnumbered its opponent, and Curtis started to retreat towards the Missouri border. After three days' forced march Van Dorn caught up with Union troops, who was well fortified behind Sugar Creek, just because Samuel R. Curtis was a excellent engineer.The armies could see each other across the Creek.And by all rights the story should had ended here.But Earl who was determined to fight, both because of his characteristic aggressiveness and his desperate need to capture supplies.

But nightfall he split his army into two. The right flank should attack Curtis from the rear. It was McCulloch of Texas who marched towards Leetown. The left attacked from pea Ridge and into Curtis' supply center. The battle was about to begin. Should the South have a real decisive victory in the Trans-Mississippi theater, or was it going to be one of many broken dreams.......

Pea Ridge Scenario Map.

(Click for larger view):w

The Scenario Victory points are calculated by saying that:

Elhorn Tavern is worth 10 VP
Union HQ is worth 10 VP
Leetown is worth 10 VP

Time: 9:00 - 17:00 7th March 1862

Victory Conditions for 7th March 1862

The Union needs 30 VP to win decisively or else the day ends and starts again the next day.
The Confederate needs 20 VP to win decisively or else the day ends and starts again the next day

Time: 7:00 - 11:00 8th March 1862

Victory Conditions for 8th March 1862

The Union needs 30 VP to win substantially*
The Confederate needs 30 VP to win decisively
The Confederate needs 20 VP to win substantially
The Confederate needs 10 VP to win marginally
note: * historical result

Union Order of Battle- Pea Ridge ( 150 men/stand & 6 guns/ stand )

Brigade General Samuel R. Curtis

Independent forces

3rd Iowa regiment Bussey Cavalry	4/-/2 +1 gun (Horse)	09:00  at D
Independent regiment Bowen Cavalry	3/2/- +1 gun (Horse)	12:00  at C
24th. Missouri regiment			3/-/1			09:00 at 24th.
17th Missiouri regiment Poten		5/3/1			12:00 at C (8th. march)
Indepedent battery		        +1 gun			12:00 at C
Left Wing forces

Left Wing Commander ( General Curtis)

1st Division Commander Osterhaus (E)	+2 guns			09:00 at D	 	
1st brigade  Greussel (E)		11/5/3 +1 gun		09:00 at D
2nd brigade  Coler			8/6/3  +1 gun		16:00 at C/D
(17th Missiouri regiment  Poten		5/3/1)			12:00 at C (8th. march)	
2nd Division Commander Asboth           +1 gun			14:00 at D
1st brigade		Schaefer	4/3/1			14:00 at D
Right Wing forces

Right Wing Commander Sigel	        +1 gun			16:00 at C/D

3rd Division Commander David (E)
1st brigade Pattison			6/3/2 +1 gun		12:00 at D
2nd brigade White			5/4/3 +1 gun		12:00 at D

4th Division Commander Carr             +1 gun			10:00 at C
1st brigade Dodge (E)			10/7/4 +1 gun		09:00 at Dodge
2nd brigade Vandever	  		3/2/1 +1 gun		11:00 at C

Confederate Order of Battle- Pea Ridge ( 150 men/stand & 6 guns/ stand )

Major General Earl Van Dorn 
( maybe ill, but capable to take decisions)

Missiouri State Guard 

1stDivision Commander Price		
1st brigade Little 			5/3/2   +1 gun		09:00 at B
2nd brigade Slack			4/2/1   +1 gun		09:00 at B
3rd brigade Greene			2/1/-			09:00 at B
State troops (Price)	        	13/8/4  + 1 gun		09:00 at

2nd Division Commander McCulloch
1st brigade Herbert 	             	16/12/9  +1 gun		09:00 at A
2nd brigade McIntosh	             	24/16/10 +1 gun		09:00 at A
Pike's Indians Pike			5/2/1			09:00 at A


24th. Missouri regiment cannot move 1st turn

CSA can switch Entry hexes, but this will result in, that CSA must win decisive (2 hexes) and USA only have to have 2 hexes to win substantial.