The Battle of Spring Hill - Scenario Corrections

Contributed by:Steve Burt (

Just a word of warning to anyone who plans to run the Spring Hill scenario from Wargames Illustrated #65 - the article is riddled with misprints. Considering that this is a direct rip-off from A Johnny reb scenario in 'To the sound of the guns' I find this surprising. Fortunately, I own TTSOTG so I was able to disentangle the mess. Errors are:

  1. A Confederate division is missing from the entry schedule, though it is in the OB. It should enter at 16:30 (Brown's division, from memory)
  2. The game ends with the Union 19:30 turn. not 17:30
  3. It is unclear from the description, but I assume that the Confederates move first in each turn (this reverses the normal F&F convention of having the Union move first). Another interpretation is that the 15:00 move is a 'half turn' with just a Confederate move, as is the 19:30 one with just a Union one, but I suspect that the Rebs will need all the turns they can get.
  4. Turns 5 & 6 (Dusk) are 17:30, 18:00
  5. Turns 7-9 (Night) are 18:30, 19:00, 19:30
  6. The second entry for Cleburne in the arrival schedule should read Cheatham
  7. One of the Union brigades (Whitaker) is mis-named in the arrival schedule
  8. The map omits all the fences (which is OK as they have no effect in F&F, although they make the battlefield look better), but also a couple of substantial stone walls which will help the Union. It also neglects to show that the central ridge on which the Union artillery sits is higher than the other hills.
  9. In the JR scenario, the Confederate cavalry are desperately short of ammo, but can get more by capturing Union supplies to the south of Spring Hill. The F&F version just makes them 'worn'. I will play it that these brigades count as permanently low on ammo unless they can get at the Union supply wagons, but they will start Fresh.

Not bad for a direct copy of a scenario, eh? At least he got the unit strengths right.... (although having said that, this scenario might be better at 1:150 scale, but I'm too idle to go through and recalculate all the unit sizes).

Steve Burt

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