The Battle of Westport

Contributed by: Alan Saunders (

Here is the Fire and Fury Westport scenario. I have never played this one so I have absolutely no idea if it is workable or even balanced, but it should be interesting. This was the largest battle west of the Mississippi in terms of men involved and lasted for three days (this scenario covers the third day). It is less famous than such actions as Pea Ridge because it was pretty insignificant in its impact on the war. A number of names are present. On the Union side you have Curtis (of Pea Ridge fame), Blunt (of Prairie Grove fame) and Pleasonton (who was ousted by Sheridan as cavalry commander in the East). Off stage lurks Rosecrans and A.J.Smith. The Confederates have Price, Shelby and M. Jeff Thompson. And who could resist a cavalry commander called Dobbin ? You will need lots of cavalry; the Union may be able to recycle a few stands, but the Confederates pretty well have it all on table from Turn 1.

For a condensed account of this battle and the events leading up to it see Shelby Foote's 'Narrative' (Vol 3). For a detailed but very readable account see Monnett's 'Action Before Westport 1864'.

Battle reports and suggested changes to me or the list. Hope you enjoy it.

Alan Saunders

Rebels, Rebels, Rebels; Fire, Fire, You Damned Asses
The Battle of Westport
Missouri, October 23rd 1864

A Scenario For Fire & Fury


The following troops are required:
Infantry stands75(8)-
Cavalry stands43(6)48(7)
Dismounted Cav.3438
Artillery stands53
The numbers in parenthesis are the number of brigades of that type.

If using 6mm or 10mm figures, all distances should be reduced by 25%.

Union Forces

Army of the Border

Curtis			1 Ldr

Provisional Cavalry Division

Blunt			1 Ldr
Jennison		4/3/2 Cav
Moonlight		E 5/4/3 Cav
Blair			9/8/5 Inf
Ford			6/5/3 Cav
Artillery		2 Artillery
			1 Horse Artillery

Kansas State Militia Division

Dietzler		1 Ldr
Robinson		6/5/4 Inf
Veale			6/5/4 Inf
Hinton			6/5/4 Inf
McFarland		6/5/4 Inf
Tracy			6/5/4 Inf
Johnson			6/5/4 Inf
Gordon			6/5/4 Inf
Quigg			6/5/4 Inf
Hubbell			6/5/4 Inf
Lowe			6/5/4 Inf
Weer			6/5/4 Inf
Artillery		1 Artillery

Army of Missouri

Provisional Cavalry Division

Pleasonton		1 Ldr
Philips			8/6/4 Cav
Sanborn			10/8/5 Cav
Winslow			10/8/5 Cav
Artillery		1 Horse Artillery

Confederate Forces

Army of Missouri

Price			1 Ldr

Fagan's Division

Fagan			1 Ldr
Dobbin			6/5/3 Cav
Slemons			6/5/3 Cav
McCray			5/4/3 Cav
Artillery		1/2 Horse Artillery

Marmaduke's Division

Marmaduke		1 Ldr
Clark			8/6/4 Cav
Freeman			4/3/2 Cav
Artillery		1 Horse Artillery

Shelby's Division

Shelby			1 Ldr (E)
Thompson		E 9/6/4 Cav
Jackman			10/8/5 Cav
Artillery		1/2 Horse Artillery

Special Rules

George Thoman

This German farmer told the Union forces about a gully giving access to the plain above Brush Creek and allowing them to outflank the Confederates. At the end of any Union turn in which they have engaged in charge combat with a Confederate unit defending the crest line between Points X and Y, roll a D10. On a 6 or more Thoman appears and reveals the location of the gully. This information gives the Union a +2 in one charge combat against any Confederate unit defending the crest line between X and Y This bonus can only be used once.

The Kansas State Militia Division

All brigades in this division take a -1 on all rolls on the manoeuvre table. In addition, if more than half of the Union stands in a charge combat are from this division then they suffer a -1 modifier.

Confederate Artillery

The Confederate batteries of Shelby and Fagan are shown as half-batteries. For all purposes they are treated as if they have received a damaged battery marker; in other words they are destroyed if they are damaged.


This scenario represents the third day of a running battle across Northern Missouri. Most of the units had been involved in actions on one or both of the previous days. To this end, all units in the game are considered to be tired. This means that the bonus for being fresh is reduced from +2 to +1. This applies both to manoeuvre rolls and charge combat. The modifiers for worn and spent units remain the same.

Terrain Effects

Woods are rough terrain, block visibility and provide a -1 fire combat modifier for cover and a +1 charge combat modifier for favourable ground.

The Big Blue River is 1- wide and give a +1 charge combat modifier for any unit defending it. It is only crossable between the points marked on the map (Byram's Ford). Artillery may only cross by the road.

Brush Creek is 1/2- wide and fordable along its entire length except by artillery, which must use a road crossing. It provides a +1 charge combat modifier for any unit defending it.

All hill contours and crest lines provide a +1 charge combat modifier for favourable ground.

The rocky hill contour above Byram's Ford can only be crossed off-road by infantry or dismounted cavalry costing 3- of movement and disordering the brigade at the end of the movement phase.

The Confederate works and all stone fences provide a -1 fire combat modifier for cover and a +1 bonus in charge combat. They can be crossed by artillery but it costs the battery 2- of movement. They have no effect on the movement of other units.

Defensive bonuses from terrain are not cumulative.

Game Length

The battle starts with the Union 0630 turn and ends with the Confederate 1330 turn.

Victory Conditions

Both sides score points as described in the rules for damaging and destroying enemy units.

The Union score 2 points at the end of any Confederate turn if they have an unspent brigade closer to the Confederate train (Point A) than the nearest unspent Confederate brigade. If they succeed in exiting an unspent brigade off the map at this point then they will score the points automatically until the Confederates also exit an unspent brigade to negate it. Neither brigade can return during the course of the game, but both brigades only score points to their opponent based on their state when they left the table, not as having quit the field.

The Confederates score 2 points at the end of any Union turn if they have an unspent brigade close to the Kansas State Line (Point D) than the nearest unspent Union brigade. In addition they score 10 points at the end of the game if there are no unspent Union brigades South of Brush Creek and West of the Big Blue River.

If neither side scores at least 10 points and at least 10 points more than the other then the battle is a draw. Otherwise the side with the highest score wins.



The following units deploy North of Brush creek, West of the Big Blue River and within 48- of the Kansas State Line :

BLUNT, Jennison, Moonlight, Ford, 1 Horse Artillery (Blunt), 1 Artillery (Blunt)

Units may be mounted or dismounted and in any legal formation. Artillery may be limbered or unlimbered.


The following units occupy the field-works overlooking Byram's Ford, facing East :

MARMADUKE, Clark, Freeman, 1 Horse Artillery (Marmaduke)

Both brigades are dismounted and the artillery is unlimbered. There are sufficient works to cover the frontage of all stands in the division.

Reinforcement Schedule


The Kansas Militia and Pleasonton's Division enter according to dice rolls.

At the start of each Union turn roll a D10 to determine how many militia units appear:

1-7No units appear
8-9One unit appears
10Two units appear

A maximum of 11 units may appear during the battle.

The units enter at Point B. The first unit that enters during the game is accompanied by Dietzler. The second unit that appears is accompanied by the divisional artillery.

In addition to the roll for the militia, the Union player should roll a second D10 to determine the entry of Pleasonton's cavalry. Add the roll to the total of all previous turn's scores. Each unit appears when the total exceeds the number next to it.


All of Pleasonton's troops enter at Point C.

Other Union troops appear as follows:

0830Blair, 1 Artillery (Blunt) (B)
1100CURTIS (B)

Troops may enter in any formation and movement mode but may not initiate charge combat on the turn of entry unless the target is within 6- of their entry point.


General Price appears at Point A on the first Confederate turn after any Confederate divisional commander is killed, wounded or captured.

Other Confederate troops appear as follows:

0630SHELBY, Thompson, Jackman, McCray, 1 Horse Artillery (Shelby)
0700FAGAN, Dobbin, Slemons, 1 Horse Artillery (Fagan)

Troops may enter in any formation and movement mode but may not initiate charge combat on the turn of entry unless the target is within 6- of their entry point.


Once again the map is in amazing Ascii-vision
This scenario uses an 8' x 4' table laid out as follows:
 <----12"---->                        ---------> N
                <-------- D  -------->
 |      x       S     S******c******S*******r****|
 |xxxxxxx       S     S******c******S*******r****|
||xxxxxxx       S     S      X      S*******r****||
||      x       S     S      cH     S*******r****||
|+      x       S     S      c      S*******r****+|
||      x       S     S      c      S*******r****||
||      x       S     S      c      S*******r****||
||      x       S     S      c      S*******r****||
||      x       S     S      c      S*******r****||
 |xxxxxxx       S     S      c      S*******r****|
A|xxxxxxxH      SxxxxxSxxxxxHY      S*******r*OO*|B
 |      x       Sx    S     xc      S*******rO***|
||      x       Sx    S     xc      S*****OOr****||
||      x       Sx    S     xc      S***OO**r****||
||      x       Sx    S     xc      S*OO****r****||
|+      x       Sx    S     xc      OO******r****+|
||xxxxxxx       SxxxxxSxxxxxxc    OOS*******r****||
||****          S     S      c  OO  S*******r****||
||******        S     S      cOO    S*******r****||
||******        S     S     OO      S*******r****||
||******        S     S   OO cH     S*******r****||
 |xxxx          S     S  HOxxcxxxxxxS*******r****|
 |   x          S     S   Ox c     xS*******r****|
 |   x          S     S   Ox c     xS*******r****|
 |   x          S     S   Ox c     xS*******r****|
 |   x          S     S   Ox c     xS*******r****|
 +   x          S     S   Ox c     xS*******r****+
 |   x          S     S  Ox  c     xS*******r****|
 |   x          S     S  OxxxcxxxxxxS*******r****|
 |   x          S      SSO   c    SS********r****|
 |   x          S       OSSSSSSSSS**********r****|
 |***********S**  SccOWWWWWWWWWWS***********r****|
 |**********S***   S O         @ ***********r****|
 |********SS****    SO@@@@@@@@@   **********r****|
 +RRRRRRRRRRRRRR*    FFFFFFFFFF *****************+
 |             RRRRRRROO         *****SSSSSSSSSSS|
 |                     OOOOOOOSSSSSSSS***********|
 |SSSSSSSS            SSSSSSSSO   ***************|
 |        SSSSSSSSSSSS         O   **************|
 |                             O   **************|
                         <---- C ---->

 * = Woods				S = Contour (Level 1)
@ = Contour (Rocky)			O = Road
R = Big Blue River (Unfordable)	F = Big Blue River (Fordable)
r = Brush Creek			c = Crest Line
W = Crest Line with fortifications	x = Stone Fence
H = House (No effect on play)

Point A = Confederate Entry and train
Point B = Union Entry
Point C = Pleasonton's Entry
Point D = Kansas State Line