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Since I have been off work for the past few days owing to amateur thespian activities I thought I would use some of the time profitably (just to prove to Tony Cane that I can engage in list related business in my own time as well as that of Data Sciences' !)

To this end I have drawn up a list of Fire and Fury scenarios that have been published as opposed to ones hanging around on web pages or (in my case) ring binders. I know the list is incomplete, Mail me personally, then I can update the list with any new stuff and post it here when there's enough additions to make it worthwhile. I know, for instance, that there are other scenarios in the Zouave as I have seen them in the index, but I don't have their full details.

Alan Saunders

Scenarios are listed by the date of the battle. Magazines and books are abbreviated as follows: WI - Wargames Illustrated, MW - Miniature Wargames, BACW - Battles of the American Civil War Vol 1 (Glory Enough For All) by Daniel Jackson, BSB - Bayonets, Shells and Balls ! by Potomac Publications

Historical Scenarios
First Bull Run (First Manassas) 21st July 1861
Great Eastern Battles p6-9 This also appeared in the Courier (when ?)
WI 69 (June 1993) p17-21 A small scenario pretty much just covering Henry House Hill.
BACW p33-35 (Similar to the one in Great Eastern Battles)

Wilson's Creek 10th August 1861

Fort Donelson 12th-15th February 1862
WI 68 (May 1993) p29-32 Covers all four days of the attack in a mini campaign.
The Zouave Vol. VII No. 2 Summer 1993 p3-8 The same scenario as the above.

Shiloh 6th April 1862
Great Western Battles p5-9

Pea Ridge May 7, 1862
BACW p69-72

Seven Pines (Fair Oaks) 31st May-1st June 1862
Great Eastern Battles p10-15 Two scenarios; the first day and both days.

Secessionsville 16th June 1862
WI 107 (August 1996) p12-15 A somewhat flawed regimental level scenario.

Beaver Dam Creek 26th June 1862
WI 70 (June 1993) p21-22 A very small scenario

Gaines Mill - 27th June 1862
Great Eastern Battles p16-19
BSB p1-3

Frayser's Farm (Glendale) 30th June 1862
Great Eastern Battles p20-24 Two scenarios; historical attack and planned attack.

Cedar Mountain (Cedar Run) 9th August 1862
Great Eastern Battles p25-27
The Zouave Vol VII No 4 Winter 1993 p16-18

Second Bull Run (Second Manassas) 29th-30th August 1862
Great Eastern Battles p28-35 Two scenarios; first day and second day
BSB p7-9 The attack on the railway cutting, 1st day

South Mountain 14th September 1862
The Zouave ?? p8-11
BSB p4-6

Antietam (Sharpsburg) 17th September 1862
Great Eastern Battles p 36-47 Three scenarios; the Northern battle, the Southern battle and the whole thing.
WI 71 (July 1993) p 16-19 Covers the action involving I and XII Corps

Iuka 19th September 1862
The Zouave Vol VII No 1 Spring 1993 p3-5 Covers the battle on the 19th.
WI p21-22 This scenario covers a hypothetical action on 20 September 1862

Corinth 3rd-4th October 1862
Great Western Battles p10-13 Plays 2 day battle as one scenario

Prairie Grove 7th December 1862
The Zouave Vol X No 1 Spring 1996 p15-20

Stones River 31st December 1862
Great Western Battles p14-18

Chancellorsville 3rd-4th May 1863
Battlefields Vol. 1 No. 1 July 1995 p5-10 A mini campaign covering the actions of the Union VI Corps. Includes Marye's Heights, Salem Church and Bank's Ford.
BSB p10-12 The attack on XI Corps

Champion Hill 16th May 1863
Great Western Battles p19-23 - Includes "What If" scenario assuming Pemberson brought additional troops from Vicksburg.

Gettysburg 1st-3rd July 1863
Fire and Fury rules p50-65 Five scenarios; two first day, two second day and Pickett's charge.

Low Dutch Road 3rd July 1863
The Zouave Vol IX No 3 Autumn 1995 p5-6 The cavalry battle at Gettysburg

Chickamauga 19th-20th September 1863
Great Western Battles p24-30 - Two scenarios, day one & day two

Sabine Crossroads (Mansfield) 8th April 1864
The Zouave Vol IX No 4 Winter 1995 p18-23

Pleasant Hill 9th April 1864

The Wilderness 5th May 1864
MW 136 p34-37 Two scenarios; the Orange Plank Road and the Orange Turnpike.
BSB p13-16 Covers two days of the battle.

Drewry's Bluff 16th May 1864
BSB p17-19

Lynchburg 18th June 1864
WI 102 (March 1997) p36-38 Based on a Johnny Reb scenario. Very small.

Monocacy 9th July 1864
The Zouave Vol X No. 2 Summer 1996 p7-9

Atlanta 22nd July 1864
Great Western Battles p31-34

Cedar Creek 19th August 1864
The Zouave Vol. IX No. 2 Summer 1995 p12-16
BSB p23-25

Third Winchester 19th September 1864
BSB p20-22

Westport 23rd October 1864

Spring Hill 29th November 1864
WI 65 (February 1993) p35-36 Based on a Johnny Reb scenario. Steve Burt has some corrections for this scenario.

Bentonville 19th March 1865
BSB p28-30

White Oak RoaD 31st March 1865
BSB p26-27

Hypothetical / Non-ACW Scenarios

ACW mini-campaign
MW 55 by Paul Stevenson, set in 1865. A Union force of 3 cavalry units had to accomplish 3 successively harder missions against unknown Confederate forces.


Fenian raid of John O'Neill near Niagara

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