The Battle of Waterloo
Adjustments to the OOBs

Here are the deductions for the Waterloo battle itself. Only units which are actually reduced in strength are shown. Units in parentheses are eliminated. The two numbers are original strength (or exhaustion level) followed by reduced strength (or exhaustion level).

Frank Chadwick

Anglo-Allied Army:

 1st Allied Division (exhaustion = 6/5)
  1st British Guards Brigade (Maitland)   4/3-6*
 3rd Allied Division (exhaustion = 8/6)
  1st Hanoverian Brigade (von Kielmansegge) 5/4-5
  5th British  Brigade (Colin Halkett)  5/4-5
 5th Allied Division (exhaustion = 11/9)
  9th British Brigade (Pack) 4/3-6*
  4th Hanoverian Brigade (Best) 5/4-4 PT
 Brunswick Contingent (exhaustion = 5/3)
  Brunswick Light Brigade (Olferman) 5/4-5 PT
  Brunswick Line Brigade (von Butlar) 4/3-4 PT
 2nd Netherlands Division (exhaustion = 6/4)
  1st/2nd Neth. Bde Militia (Bijlandt)  3/2-4 PT
  2nd Nassau Infantry Regiment  5/4-5
  Opstal's Artillery Battalion  3/2-5 Fld
Prussian Army Of The Rhine
Army Troops
 9th Brigade (exhaustion = 7/3)
  8th (Leib) Line  5/4-6
  (30th Line  5-5)
  1st Kurmark (Berlin) LW  4/3-4 PT

I Corps
 1st Brigade (exhaustion = 8/5)
  24th (4th Brandenburg) Line  5/4-5
  1st Westphalian (Cleves) LW  5/3-4 PT
  1/I Field Artillery Battalion  3/2-5 Fld
 2nd Brigade (exhaustion = 8/3)
  (2nd Jaeger Detachment 1-5 sharpshooters)
  6th (1st West Prussian) Line  5/4-6
  28th (1st Berg) Line  5/4-5
  2nd Westphalian (Minden-Ravensberg) LW  5/3-4 PT
  2/I Field Artillery Battalion  3/2-5 Fld
 3rd Brigade (exhaustion = 8/4)
  (3rd Jaeger Detachment 1-5 sharpshooters)
  7th (2nd West Prussian) Line  5/4-6
  29th (2nd Berg) Line 5/4-5
  3rd Westphalian (Ost Friesland-Lingen) LW  4/3-4 PT
  3/I Field Artillery Battalion  3/2-5 Fld
 4th Brigade (exhaustion = 5/3)
  19th Line  4-5
  4th Westphalian (Munster) LW  5/3-4 PT
 Corps Cavalry Division (exhaustion = 4/2)
  Treskow's Hussars/Lancers 2/1-5 Lt Lncr
  Lutzow's LW Cav Brigade 3/2-4 Lt-Lncr PT

II Corps
  Corps Troops
  II Heavy Artillery Battalion  3/2-6 Hv
  (2/II Horse Artillery Battalion  2-6 Fld)
 5th Brigade (exhaustion = 8/6)
  5th Westphalian (Paderborn) LW  4/3-4 PT
  5/II Field Artillery Battalion  3/2-5 Fld
 6th Brigade (exhaustion = 7/1)
  9th (Colberg) Line  5/4-6
  (1st Elbe LW  5-4 PT)
  6/II Field Artillery Battalion  2/1-5 Fld
 7th Brigade (exhaustion = 7/4)
  14th Line  5/4-5
  2nd Elbe LW  5/3-4 PT
  7/II Field Artillery Battalion  2/1-5 Fld
 Corps Cavalry Division (exhaustion = 5/2)
  Thumen's Dragoon Brigade 3/2-5 Md
  (11th Hussar Regiment 1-5 Lt cav skmsh)
  (Elbe LW Cavalry Regiment 1-4 Lt PT cav skmsh)
The French Army Of The North
II Corps
 5th Division (exhaustion = 5/3)
   1st Brigade (Husson) 4/3-5
   2nd Brigade (Campi) 4/3-5
 6th Division (exhaustion = 9/7)
  2nd Light  4/3-6
  1st Line  4/3-6
 9th Division (exhaustion = 6/4)
   1st Brigade (Gauthier) 5/4-5
   2nd Brigade (Lamin) 5/4-5

III Cav Corps
 11th Cav Division (exhaustion = 3/2)
   2nd Brigade (Guiton) 2/1-6 Hv