Al's Cleveland Fokker D-VIII

This is a page for the 1/8 scale Fokker D-VIII I'm building. The plane is being scratch built from Cleveland plans. The original plans were for free-flight and have been scaled up so some interpretation is necessary. I decided to build another D-VIII since I really liked my Dare Fokker D-VIII which met an early demise due to a falure of it's light structure. This D-VIII will be full A/E/R/T control.

Dec 4, 2007

I always intended on getting back to this project. Unfortunately while re-arranging my shop the partially-completed fuselage frame got destroyed by a falling book. The WWI spandau guns, remain a solid part of my product line thanks to this plane. I need to return to it sometime.

August 4, 2003

I have completed building up the prototype spandau guns and they are looking great! Weight is 2 grams each. Since I have more to do on the WWI scale detail parts, I've moved them to their own page. It's located at:

August 1, 2003

Got the prototype Spandau guns that I designed back from the laser cutter. I have a couple of changes to make, but they look great! Using cardstock for the cooling jackets will create a nice light gun model that will look great.

Also worked on the fuselage, adding the front section. I still have to cut out the cockpit opening and drill a hole in the firewall for the motor and wiring. I don't have any photos of this part yet.

July 6, 2003

First progress report: Tailfeathers and rear portion of the fuselage are complete including sprung tailskid. I'm building the fuselage in two parts and will join them after both are complete. This is a technique that Peter Rake uses in his designs to build nice straight fuselages. Parts are just held together with masking tape to check fit.

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