Al's Cheapie Foam Dr-I

Update 2/29/04

Plane flew well, but with a light wingloading and 10-15 mph winds, I finally tucked it neatly up into the telephone wires. Title this episode - "Death Of A Testbed". The good news is we got some great in-flight movies of it before I pooched it. The bad news was I had to throw stuff at it until the airframe disentregated enough to fall down.


Update 2/26/04

Finished rigging the controls and mounting the motor and radio. Ready to fly. Will add undercarriage once it's flight tested.

Update 2/15/04

A lot of people in the NH Flying Misfits are building easy cheapie foam planes out of foam board. Well, I'm on the bandwagon, but like always, I dare to be different. My foamie is a Fokker Dr-I. MUHAHahahaha!

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