Al's Electric Mite Twin

Built by converting the Electric Mite kit sold by Wright Brothers R/C

Update June 8, 2002

Dorked in the fuselage while trying to fly the twin indoors. I guess this one is pooched for now. I'll start over fresh with a new kit as soon as I find time.

Update Jan 18, 2002

Flew the twin indoors today in a basketball court sized gym. The twin was a handfull but flew OK in the small space. I wouldn't call it relaxed flying but I got a few laps in unscathed. If I had 2 basketball courts it would be no problem.

For the curious, my friend Robert took a AVI movie of the flight

Update Jan 1, 2002

Flew at our club's New Year's Day fun fly. Winds were 7-10 mph but the little Twin handled it although it showed that it would prefer a calmer day much more. The twin N-20s direct have less thrust than the single GWS IPS motor. This is a fun one to fly - I'd say a success. I would think that 4 N-20s would absolutely SCREAM!

December 29, 2001

After finishing up my Electric Mite EDF I was able to start on my next pet project, the Electric Mite Twin. The two planes share the same fuselage, only the wings are different. The Twin sports 2 N20 motors with B-2 props mounted in scratch-built nacelles under the wings. They're wired in parallel for now. I may consider adding another 2 motors outboard if only 2 aren't enough. For now the thrust seems good. Wing covering is transparent yellow 'So Lite'.

Flight tests as soon as weather permits.

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