Al's Mini-IFO

Update December 2, 2002

New indoor season has arrived. I recovered the Mini-IFO in ripstop polycarbonate kite fabric and made a new more durable motor mount. The new covering should be pretty much indestructable.

Update January 18, 2001

Flew indoors today. Loops, rolls, R-O-G all were great. This plane performs as advertized.

Built dead-stock with the exception that I covered it with blue litespan after having trouble with the provided plastic covering. The Tail is covered with So-Lite covering.

It flies well, but only have 2 flights on it in the dark under the streetlights as the daytime has been windy as hell the last few days.

Equipment is GWS-A, 10"x4.7" GWS prop, GWS R-4P Receiver, Castle Creations Pixie 7P ESC and 2xHS-50 servos.

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