Al's Kolibri Living Room Flyer

March 7, 2008

Broke down the airframe and removed the equipment. Sold the equipment on the E-zone to make room for some more Plantraco 900 mHz planes. Getting smaller and lighter all the time!

March 17, 2004

I took these movies today during the snowstorm. There still is a high-contrast situation when flying by the windows, but you can see the plane 100% better.

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March 16, 2004

My latest indoor plane. I wanted something that flew slow enough to fly in the atrium of the building where I work. For test flights I used my living room which is 18'x30'.

The plane uses a wrapped CF tube fuselage from Dave Lewis, and is a micro-sized Kolibri. Designed to be rudder and motor control only, trimming became frustrating so I went to R/E/T control. Weight ballooned when I added the second actuator because all I had on hand was a heavier E-flight designs Mega act.

Both wing mounting rods are friction-fit into holders attached to the fuselage so wing incidence can be adjusted and the wing can be removed for transportation. The battery mounts on a magnet which is clipped to the wing's main keel, so battery position can be adjusted to optimum CG depending on which battery is used.

Wing Area141 sq. in. plus 44 sq. in. tail area
Wing Loading.58-.77 oz./sq. ft.
Motor/PropFalcon PU-04/GWS 4x2.5 (to be replaced wiith 5x3)
Battery90 mAh or 145 mAh LiPoly
ReceiverJMP Combination
Actuators1 - Bob Selman MagAct, 1 - Eflight Designs Mega actuator

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