Al's Kolibri

Update January, 2004

Flew the Kolibri at the Boston Micronauts indoor flying for January. I got some photos and movies while a couple of the other Micronauts got some time on the sticks.

Kolibri.MOV - 4 MB movie file of the Kolibri

Update December, 2003

Flew the Kolibri at the Granite State Quiet Flyers monthly meeting. Got one movie of it flying in the small cafeteria.

Kolibri1.AVI - 3.8 MB movie file of the Kolibri

Update January 11, 2003

Flew the Kolibri at the CRRC indoor flying today at an indoor soccer facility. Once I got it trimmed the plane flew wonderfully. Some of these photos and movies were taken by my friend Robert.

kolibri.avi - 3.5 MB movie file of the Kolibri flying indoors. This is it's top speed - passing a GWS Tiger Moth.
dscf0010.avi - 4.7 MB movie - ROG and flight
dscf0011.avi - 3.5 MB movie - flight and close pass
dscf0012.avi - 3.6 MB movie - flight - almost loop

January 9, 2003

I took a break from building Soarwatt #2 to build something new for this weekend's CRRC indoor flying. I've always wanted a Kolibri so I started working on it. Mine is different from the Kolibri design in that I'm not using a V-tail setup, but instead opted for a full flying rudder and stabilizer.

The main fuselage is a wrapped CF tube from and the rest is 1.7 and 1.3 mm pultruded CF rod. Covering is Nelson Lite Film put on with 3M Super 77 and minimally heat shrunk. Rigging is Kevlar thread.


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