Al's Morse Flyer

February 15, 2005

Created the "Morse Flyer" a 12 gram Kolibri built around the Plantraco 900 Mhz. system. Built from wrapped and pulltruded carbon fiber tube and rod, a small amound of 1/32" contest weight balsa and Kevlar thread. The covering is Reynolds Wrap food covering attached with glue stick and shrunk minimally with a heat gun. Flight times are 6-8 minutes on a single 90 mAh LiPoly cell depending on throttle use.

This plane is named after Morse Hall, the building which I work in here at UNH and the flying site featured in the videos. It has always been my goal to build a plane that was comfortable flying in our atrium here. Morse hall is named after Richard Morse, member of the USNH board of trustees from 1971-1985 and also an R/C enthusiast himself. I couldn't resist honoring him and the building naned after him with a plane.

Movies below. Note file size when downloading. More movies and photos may be made available soon.

Morse.wmv - (4 MB) Small office with air-conditioning fans running
Atrium.wmv - (17 MB) Flying in a multi-story atrium
Atrium2.wmv - (16 MB) More flying in the atrium

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