Al's Mini Homebuilt

Update 9/14/0r32

Left the Mini in the car at NEAT fair this year and the heat from the sun exploded both elevons. Since still have my Kolibri I decided to strip the gear from this plane and retire it.

Update 9/02/02

Added flourescent wire illumination in preparation for this year's NEAT fair which will have a night flying contest. Still flys fine, even though it's an ounce heavier.

Update 1/18/02

Flew the Mini indoors today - performed wonderfully. Hovers and lazy-eights around a basketball court.

Update 10/24/01

Red Micafilm distorted the frame too much when it shrank and eventually the extra stress pulled it away so I recovered with green So-Lite covering and only shrunk it minimally

Update 10/21/01 - Score Tree:1 Chainsaw:1

I was flying at my girlfriend's parents' house trying to show 'dad' the range of the receiver when a gust of wind threw me way off course and into a spindly cherry tree. I climbed a nearby pine but couldn't shake the plane loose since the branch pierced the covering and went right through the main 'hoop'. There was no doubt no amount of wind or thrashing with a stick was going to get my model back.

In comes my GF's brother with his trusty chainsaw! Problem solved. A little CA and some covering later and it's good as new. I covered it with micafilm which seems a little heavy for this plane. Will eventually recover with So Lite or Mylar.

All carbon fiber Mini/IFO type of plane scratch built. Layout taken from RC Microflight's Mini, but no dimensions were used from their plan, I just went with what looked right.

Power will be from GWS-A motor/gearbox. Airframe weight without battery 3.2 oz / 91g. All up weight with 7 cell 280 NiMh battery 5.3 oz / 151g. Disc is 20 inch diameter. Waiting for maiden flight. I'm a little nervous about the main disk flexing too much under flight loads. It might need a "V" brace on the leading edge of the main disc.

Update 10/9/01

Flew at lunch, during a short lull in the wind. Plane flew right off with no bad problems. This thing is slow and maneuverable that's for sure! I did some loops and then tried to hover, but after falling off I ended up inverted and dorked it in smashing the gearbox of my GWS drive. Plane is unharmed. I ordered a GWS-B to put on it with an 11"x4.7" prop (also got a 10"x8" and a 11"x8" to try). I think the larger thrust will make this a true 'slow flyer' which should work in my backyard.

Update 10/9/01 (PM)

Put a GWS-A with 10"x8" prop on it tonight. Was dead calm so flew in my tiny 30'x90' yard. Flew all 9 of my flight packs out and one twice! Not very acrobatic on the undersized elevons, but very maneuverable and floats like a feather!

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