Al's Quick Mite

December 17, 2003

Removed the RFFS-100 and sold it, and used the money to buy a second JMP receiver which will go in a new project.

June 28, 2003

Based on Gordon Johnson's Quick Mite, this plane is controlled by the RFFS-100 receiver system, and two Bob Selman actuator conversion kits for the original RFFS-100 actuators. The wing is a 'Takeoff 2000' foam wing cut to full size. Tailfeathers are 1/32 contest balsa. Motor is the venerable KP-00 with U-80 prop. Landing skids are bent CF rod with nylon sleves at the wear points. All up weight is 29g and it flys comfortably in a basketball court sized gymnasium. Loops can be coaxed out of it with a prepatory dive.

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