Al's EAM Se5a

I have completed building EAM's Se5a but I want to wait until my flying skills are polished up a bit more before flying this plane. I haven't painted it, I figure I'll wait until I see how it flies before I put the 3-4 hours into detailing it accurately.

Velcro in the forward compartment is for mounting the Receiver, battery and ESC, they're currently in service in my 'Spot' plane.

For the historicly curious the scale of the plane is apporximately 1:12. Wingspan is 36" and length is 29". EAM advertises that it's flying weight is 7.5 oz without the battery, but I haven't weighed mine yet.

Update - July 29, 2001

Well I flew my EAM Se5a today. BLETCH! What a total piece of dog waste. I would not reccomend this plane to my enemies, let alone my friends. With the GWS-A and 10x4.7 prop this plane is hideously underpowered. Flights were always on the verge of a stall. Forget about anything other than working your butt off just to keep the thing in the air. On stall it drops a wingtip badly.

It would probably fly better with the GWS-B or C and an 11x4.7 but I'm not sure even that would be enough. The airframe doesn't seem sturdy enough to handle anything larger (like a 280). Unless you have an indoor place to fly FORGET about this plane - it will NOT handle ANY wind.

With all the drag the plane flies so slow that the torque from the prop really effects the plane, with max trim I still couldn't get good level flight with hands off. Also I tried several adjustments to the CG, but the plane still seemed twitchy, even when grosly noseheavy. I checked and I did build it straight and true.

Mine stalled close to the ground and on touchdown one of the bottom wingtips disintegrated. So much for $49. I'm so glad I gave it a test flight before spending the 4 hours to paint it. I hope your experience is better than mine - I'm sorely dissapointed.

The only good thing to say about this plane is it does fly very slow - if you can call what it does flying.

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