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Update Jan 18, 2002 Spot Mk-II ready for maiden flight

Well spot flew good indoors, but when I tried to loop I had a failure where the wing connects to the fuselage and the plane went down without the wing attached. Total destruction. So much for getting overconfident. Lesson learned.

Update Jan 16, 2002 Spot Mk-II ready for maiden flight

I finally built a new wing for my Ron Fikes Spot. The last one failed due to me using too light of balsa and over-stressing it. This one has some extra wing area and a polyhedral wing which I hope will let it fly indoors well. I also added some carbon fiber to the leading edge and dihedral breaks as well as a central spar and some really fine carbon fiber rods in the wingtips to keep the tips from distorting too much. The wing is removeable. It slides onto the main pylon and is secured there with a couple T-pins while flying. Original plans for this plane were purchased from Ron Fikes.

Span - 30"
Wing Area - 270 square inches
All up weight - 5.7 oz.
Motor and prop - GWS-A with 10"x4.7" prop
Electronics - GWS Pico pack: R-4P Receiver, 2a ESC, 2xPico servos
Battery - 150mAh NiMh 9-volt or 7x280 NiMh
Construction - Spruce 'fuse' stick and balsa construction. Covered with Reynolds wrap.

For fun, you can also see the first version in my old Spot photo gallery

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