Al's Yard Bee

Update 04/27/02


Update 04/26/02

So many planes, so little time. I'm not flying this one so much anymore since I have other 'favorite' planes. I've removed the motor/esc/receiver and I'm putting this one in the club auction.

Update 11/2/01

Winds were 10-15mph but I the temperature was great so I went out at lunch and got some air under the Yard Bee. Flew fine, although quite outclassed by the wind. I got her down in one piece, which is better than I can say for the Zagi.

Update 10/29/01

Finished building the new fueslage and installing all the equipment. Waiting to fly it again. Actually the rebuild is better in that I used better control horns on the elevator, a better motor mount, better battery door mechanim and the CG balances much better. I also doubled up the landing gear wires which should help a lot on those rough landings. Wheels are 'oldtimer' wheels by William's Brothers which I'll replace when I find something I like better.

Clancy Aviation Yard Bee - Building stock from kit. Wing is covered with Coverite. The fuselage is most likely going to be painted rather than covered. I need to find a spray sanding sealer to seal the balsa then sand smooth. I think I'll airbrush the fueslage for a nice look - something that makes me think it looks cool - we'll see.

Powerplant will be 2.33:1 geared speed 400 with 7 or 8x600AE Nicads. Pico servos and GWS receiver.

Update 8/15/01

Finished - ready for maiden flight. All up weight 18.5 oz with 8x600AE cells. Wheels will be replaced as soon as better ones I ordered come in. Covering ended up a little more orange than the fuselage paint, but what the heck.

Update 8/22/01

First flight was a little tail heavy, tried to climb too much. I got it trimmed out and flight was nice and predictable. Glide is predictable and will loop from level flight and has good rudder response. Landed when BEC kicked in. Second flight was sluggish in elevator response and finally ended in a crash. Seems the elevator servo pulled free from it's servo tape. Damage repaired at home. Re-mounted servo so it won't come off again. This is one tough plane. It came down hard and bent the gear and popped the motor off the mount, besides that it survived unharmed. Looking forward to next flights now that the bugs are worked out. This plane looks like it will be able to ROG at the airfield too!

Update 8/23/01

Flew again today after repairing the plane. Flights were good. Trimmed out the elevator with 60% exponential which helps since the bee is fairly responsive in the pitch. She'll loop with not much coaxing but is still controlable. The landing gear wires tend to bend when landing in tall grass, but that's not too much of a problem. All in all this plane is a winner! I'm toying with the idea of putting a astro 020 in it!

Update 9/22/01

Stripped out a servo's gears trying a snap roll - without control she augered in. Total loss. Ordered another since the wing survived unharmed and it is a fun plane. Will use larger servos on the next one.

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