Kevin Lehnert's Canned Heat Plane

These photos are from Kevin Lehnert of his Canned heat plane. His comments:

I just tried out the Canned Heat plane a couple of days ago. It was a success in that there was no crash. It was a failure in that the thing is too heavy to stay aloft. It tried really hard, but would just slowly descend. I used the FAS design, with the Cloud 9 fuse. My ideas for weight reduction now are to make the tail feathers a frame instead of solid balsa, use a lighter wire to attach the actuator magnet, and whatever else I can think of. Any ideas? There are 2 pix attached (I hope the download wasn't too bad...). The flying site is great: my wife works at what used to be an airport here in Austin, and I have exclusive use of the hangers for flying! 12,000 square feet approximately, with padded walls! (They are used as movie soundstages now). So as long as there's no film in town, I can fly all I want. Super cool. I'm also about ready to give my Pokey a whirl; I found out I'd damaged the brushes on the motor, a $5 part that David Lewis was nice enough to replace for me. He also fixed my wacky Pico servo, a $1 gear replacement. I was lucky.

Thanks for All Your Help and Info/Insight,
-Kevin Lehnert

(Al: You're welcome Kevin, glad you're having fun with it!)

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