Al's Electric R/C Events Photos
Charles River Radio Controllers
January 11, 2003 Indoor Fly - Teamworks Indoor Soccer Facility - Northborro

This event was hosted by the Charles River Radio Controllers. NH Flying Misfits members Robert Anderson and Allan Wright attended with club 'friend' Tucker Hurton also going. The CRRC website is on-line at Everyone I met there was very friendly.

This is the largest facility CRRC has come up with to date and it is good for flying. There's plenty of room for most indoor and some slower parkflyer planes. The floor is hard plastic tile which is fine for planes with wheels or CF skids.

Robert flew his silver mylar covered Mini-IFO. Al flew his new Kolibri/Kestral homemade, Mini-IFO, Mini/Mouse homemade and his RFFS-100 powered Thistle, which eventually was destroyed after all 6 or 7 flights ending in crashes from radio hits. The RFFS-100 just is not discrete enough for flying with so many transmitters in one building.

Besides our photos, there is also an additional gallery put up by one of the CRRC members located at: Plenty of photos of Rob, Al and Tucker and their planes.

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