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The first plane I bought was a GWS Lite Stik with a Hitec Focus 3 FM radio. The package I bought had the good HiTec Focus III-FM Radio with NiCad batteries for the transmitter. It also had some pretty average 6-cell NiCad packs and a cheapo charger. It got me in the air, but I've since gone to better batteries with a different charger. I added dihedral to my stik as suggested on the LiteSTICK Page. It flies well, unless you let Tucker fly it then it flies into light poles uncontrolably. I made the mistake of trying to fly it in the New Hampshire springtime winds and it became a casualty. Fortunately the Lite Stik kits are cheap and I had bought a spare in anticipation of having some crashes re-learning to fly. Lite Stik #2 I built as a v-tail and it flies well.

Update August 3, 2001

Sold the V-tail stik and Focus-3 gear to Tucker so he can crash it into light poles all on his own now. I'll get another litestik flying soon. I just have to figure out what 'funky' thing I'll do to it. Maybe I'll get the DH-2 Stik working.....

On the bench is a wild experiment - a DH-2 Litestik. I'm currently stalled on this as I'm working on another project, but I'll get back to it soon:

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