Al's Tiny

Update 5/10/10

8 years later it's still flying great! Had a nice session last Wednesday. I'm now using a brushless 11mm inrunner in the GWS gearbox with a Castle 10-amp Phoenix ESC. This is by far my longest lasting model ever.

Update 4/7/02

All fixed, flys great. I'm tempted to put my Astro 010 on this one!

Update 4/5/02

Brain-fart while flying and doinked her in hard. Shed the tail feathers. I re-attached them and test-flew it, but I need to recover one panel of the elevator.

Tiny #2

Tiny #2 is covered in litespan and wears some leftover lite-stik decals and is named 'Das Tiny'. GWS-4P receiver, 2 GWS Pico servos, Castle Creations Pixie 7P ESC and GWS-A motor, which will be replaced with an S1 which is on order. I left off the gear and covered the wing underside center section with 1/64 lite ply for a more durable battery mount since it will be taking the abuse of grass landings. The only opening in the wing center section is a small 1/4" x 1/4" opening to allow for receiver crystal changes.

First flights on 9/9/01 were uneventful. The plane flew with 2 clicks of up trim and three of right trim. Inverted flight is quite nice requiring only a minimal amount of down elevator.

This plane was made from the kit from Todd's Models. I covered the wing with the provided mylar but finished the rest of the surfaces with Crystal Renolds Wrap. Power is a GWS-A (Lite Stik) motor, gearbox and prop. Receiver is GWS-4P and ESC is a Castle Creations Pixie 7P. All up weight is 5.2-5.7 oz depending on battery.

Got her in the air and she flies nice and slow but very maneuverable. On the 5th flight I got tricky and it cost me - crushed end rib of the left wing on a chain-link fence. Repairs will be done this weekend - should only take an hour or two. I can't wait to get her back into the air!

Update July 29, 2001

Got the wingtip rebuilt, flew another half-dozen flights at the club's field then when a friend showed up I tried an outside loop with batteries that were near dead - WHACK! Funny thing is this tough little plane shed it's tail and popped off a control horn, but besides this lived through a direct full throttle pile-in fine. I had her back in flying condition after 10 minutes of work at home on the bench. Flights since the 2nd crash - 6 withought any trouble.

Al's Tiny rule #1: No inverted maneuvers at altitudes less than 25 feet. This is my new favorite plane.

Update August 14, 2001

Tiny got destroyed in a freak transportation accident. The tackle box that holds my transmitter, batteries and tools fell over in the trunk and crushed the entire right wing. Total loss. I'll be building another of course!

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