Blue Max Errata

The following are the official errata for the recently released Blue Max Miniatures Rules.

Charts and Schedules

Aircraft Choices Chart: move the Roland C-II from the American column to the German column.

Maneuver Schedules: Players should note that some aircraft have two different maneuver schedules. One is marked for Early War. Players may only use Early War maneuver schedules if ALL aircraft in the game are using Early War maneuver schedules. This will usually be for games representing battles before January 1917. If even one aircraft is not using an Early War maneuver schedule, no aircraft may use the Early War schedules. This means some early war aircraft will not be able to fly in late war battles. In addition, for games in which all aircraft are using the Early War maneuver schedules, they should also use the statistics from the Early War Aircraft Characteristics Chart. This can be downloaded from the Additional Aircraft and Charts page.

Aircraft Characteristics Chart: The Siemans-Schukert fuselage should be 18 not 48. The Roland C-II and the Halberstadt CL-II observer's guns should be O not OL. The Bristol F2b observer's guns should be 1 OL. The 2OL are optional and should only be used if only one F2b is in the game. A corrected Aircraft Characteristics Chart can be downloaded from the Additional Aircraft and Charts page.

Combat Chart: A new combat chart has been designed and may be downloaded from the Additional Aircraft and Charts page.

Page 5

Choose Aircraft: Delete the second paragraph. There is no aircraft maneuver schedule booklet. The maneuver sheets have been printed looseleaf to make photocopying easier.

Fill Out Aircraft Record Sheet: delete the reference to the aircraft counters. The miniatures game does not provide aircraft counters.

Sequence Of Play: Movement Step: If using either altitude rule, all aircraft that changed altitude do so at the end of movement and spinning aircraft loose altitude as per the spinning aircraft rules.

Page 6

Problem Step: delete the last sentance.
Tailing: Special situations: replace "plain" in the second sentance with "Plane".

Page 7

Finished Markers: The game provides 10 finished markers not 14.

Page 9

Damage: delete the entire paragraph on partial damage.

Clarification: If two mutually exclusive damage chits are drawn, the special result is that of the most severe chit, requiring the most number of turns, etc. If both are the same the first chit drawn is used. You must still record all damage from all chits.

Recovery: Each player who has jammed guns, from a previous turn, may attempt to unjam them. Each player whose aircraft is in a spin, from a previous turn, may attempt to recover from the spin. Remember the problem resolution step happens before the problem step.

Spin Recovery: delete the reference to a direction table on the map. Instead roll a 6-sided die and that is the number of hexsides the aircraft spins clockwise.

Problems: delete "Each plane that went into a spin drops in altitude."

Page 14

Gunnery Abilities: Range: Add: The range may never be reduced from one to zero.

Page 15

Artillery Observation: The observer receives 6 points and the pilot receives 3 points for each complete pass along the hex row in which the observer does not fire his gun(s). The pilot may fire his guns during the pass.
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