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Ohhh..kaayyy.... Thanks for clearing that up Brian... I think... !?!

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>From the movie "Mr Mom"


Michael Keaton (Jack Butler) has been laid off and his wife gets a job, so
he is "Mr. Mom"

One of her co-workers comes by the house, and feeling his machismo under
question, he tells the guy he is renovating the house, that's why he is at

Martin Mull (Ron Richardson) questions what type of wiring will be used:


Ron Richardson: Yeah? Are you gonna make it all 220? 
Jack Butler: Yeah. 220... 221, whatever it takes.


I guess he needed to put in a compressor so he could airbrush.



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Brian : 

"220....221 whatever it takes "




Aha!! Someone who actually understands this! Care to enlighten me Brian?! I
haven't got a clue what it means!




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