[WWI] Meikraft Models Caproni Ca.3

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I've got the Choroszy torpedo version, very nice kit with millions of parts. I think I will build the rear gunner position, above the central engine, from brass stock.

All the very best,

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>Hi Robert!
>I've seen just one (unbuilt) and while is not a terrible kit, it must be quite difficult to build and the parts need some refinement to look good, being a short run kit.
>And I hear it's awfully expensive, so I'd wait for the Choroszy.
>Esci was about to release one in 1/48... what happened to that?
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>  Meikraft Models Caproni Ca.3... any opinions on this kit? I have fully experienced the Hansa W.29, so I am leery here...
>  Advice/opinions welcomed. :-)
>  I believe Choroszy is going to have a Ca.3 available soon, and I am guessing it will be infinitely better...
>  Robert

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