Southside Johnny Harp Info

Edited by: Allan Wright ( )
Significant content contributed by: stevenj ( )

This list is an attempt to allow us ametuer harmonica players to play some of Southside's music. If you have soemthing to add, please forward it to me. I'll be adding more as I get to figuring them out.

I'm not sure how to arrange these yet - possibly by harp key, possibly by date or album - let me know what you prefer. Of course if anyone works out a harmonica tableture for any of Southside's songs I'd love to have it for this page!

SongHarp KeySong Key
The FeverDE Minor (third position)
Fannie MaeB FlatF (second position)
I Choose to Sing the BluesB FlatC Minor (third position)
How Come You Treat Me So BadDA (second position)
Little CalcuttaCG (second position)
Check Mr. Popeye??