Setlist - July 5, 1999
Akron Rib Burn-Off - Akron OH 7/5/99

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Just got back from the Akron Rib Burn-Off (I live in Pittsburgh) where South performed tonight. Akron's just south of Cleveland, so a very SSJ-friendly area/crowd.

Outdoor event in a downtown plaza with office-type buildings on 3 sides. Probably 2-3,000 people there. Went to check out the stage at 7:00 PM for the 8:00 show and there were already about 100 people there. Warm but breezy, and it got hotter . . . . . .

The merchandise booth was there, and seemed to be doing good business, particularly after the show. Merchandise seemed light to me-3 or 4 T's in limited sizes, sweatshirt, jackets ($75 and $95), stuffed animals. Only CD available was Jeff Kazee's. They're still unsure when their mailing list will be up and operating.

Show started at almost 8 PM exactly. Band was Ed Manion and Joey Stann on saxes, and the trumpet player from last summer's tour (sorry, I don't know his name), Jeff Kazee on keyboards, David Hayes (with a haircut) on bass, Bobby on guitars and a drummer that was never introduced but who looked a lot like the actor who played David Puddy on the Seinfeld series.

Enough background; the set:

  • Talk to Me
  • Take It Inside
  • Love on the Wrong Side of Town
  • I'm so Sensitive (Johnny screwing around with Bobby, basically)
  • Broke Down Piece of Man (ALWAYS great to hear)
  • All I Needed Was You
  • Do Right Woman/Do Right Man (Aretha tune, with very nice harmonies by BB and JK)
  • I Played the Fool
  • You Don't Know Like I Know (Sam & Dave tune)
  • Star Spangled Banner (yes, the national anthem)
  • Better Days
  • snippet of "Foxy Lady" while BB tried to tune a guitar that he discarded
  • All Night Long (first appearance of harmonica. Nice call/response between Johnny and Bobby, trading and repeating riffs that SSJ played first on the harmonica, which evolved into the Stones' "Miss You")
  • Why is Love Such a Sacrifice
  • Heartbreak (and it' killing me)??? - song I didn't recognize
  • C'Mon Caroline ("for all of the girls out there in the bikini tops"-Bobby)
  • High School Hop (which Johnny sang as "Bop")
  • Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (begun by Jeff, picked up by South)
  • snippet of (what I believe was) "For the Good Times"
  • The Fever (stopped in the first chorus by amazing feedback/whistling, but restarted/completed successfully)
  • Trapped Again
  • I Don't Want to Go Home
  • Hearts of Stone
  • Living in the USA
  • Working Too Hard

    encore 1:

  • Must Be Love

    encore 2:

  • Got to be a Better Way Home

    encore 3:

  • On the Road Again (SSJ sang on verse, and then Bobby/band played it)
  • We're Havin' A Party - accompanied by the usual stage-jumping exhibitionists, one of whom obviously ticked South off by trying to put her sunglasses on him. He was obviously upset, and left the stage. Hope you're happy, lady.

    Up to the sunglass thing, South was in a good mood. Only commented once about the sound, was looking fit, obviously enjoying himself and the crowd. Was fooling around with a couple of kids at the front of the stage, wearing their hats, put one on BB, etc. Incidentally, for those who said Bobby's playing/stage presence is passionless should have seen him tonight. He was into it. The band was good and sounded pretty tight, although another horn would help (and, no, it doesn't necessarily need to be Richie, though he's always a great player)

    All in all, a very good show. Hope they stop back after they finish up their swing west. Those of you seeing upcoming shows are in for a good time!!