The Southside Johnny Videography 3rd ed.

August 28, 1998
edited, organized by JOHN S EUSTIS ( )
Date      --  SSJ appearance
unknown   --  Good Day New York (TV show, interview only)

unknown   --  Various appearances on local Cleveland TV shows

unknown   --  TV jingles for Chunky & NJ Bell [unconfirmed]

5-30-76   --  12-min. documentary featuring footage of a Stone
.             Pony concert with Bruce S. & Lee Dorsey.
.             Shown on UHF channel U-68 in the NYC metro area.

1977      --  Between the lines (movie cameo, plus soundtrack)
.             This fun little film has a stellar cast, featuring
.             Jeff Goldblum as a Southside fan (and bootleg
.             collecter).  One crucial scene is set at a party,
.             where the Jukes are performing "Sweeter than Honey"
.             and "Having a Party".  Also on the soundtrack:
.             "Fannie Mae" & "I don't want to go home."

4-5-77    --  OGWT studio performance (British TV)
.             "Without love" & "The Fever"

11-22-77  --  OGWT special (British TV)

late 1970s  --  appearances on the Mike Douglas TV show

late 1970s  --  Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (1st appearance)
.               Promoting "This time it's for real" album.
.               "Without love" & "Little by little"

1978      --  Live promo clip of SSJ singing "Without love"

8-31-78   --  Live from the Agora (30 min.) 
.             Aired on local Cleveland TV, perhaps elsewhere.
.             "The Fever", "I don't want to go home", "Having a 
.             party"  (incl. Bruce, Steve VanZandt, Clarence) 

1979      --  Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (2nd appearance)
.             Live footage from Aug. Asbury Park show (4 songs)

1979      --  Soundstage (PBS TV show, 1 hour)
.             Concert from Chicago, also featuring Junior Wells

10-2-79   --  OGWT film footage (British TV)  "Vertigo"

10-6/7-79 --  Rockpalast show from Grugahalle, Essen (German TV)
.             WDR Rocknight (90 min., incl. interview)

1980      --  On the beach (music video)
.             (pre-MTV; shown on HBO's "video jukebox")

1981      --  All my children (TV show cameo)

1981      --  Second City Television ("The Fever" & "Everything")
.             Also includes a skit with Patti Scialfa and the 
.             Jukes acting as a band at Ed Grimley's wedding.

5-17-81   --  Taping date for "Eddie and the Cruisers" movie.
.             (alternate ending featured the Jukes--not released)

1982      --  Welcome to Miller Time (TC commercial)

1982      --  Rick Derringer's Rock Spectacular (laserdisc)
.             Taped at the Ritz, NYC  (Pioneer Artists PA-85-091)
.             SSJ on lead vocals & harmonica for "Honey Hush"
.             (Lou W. Turner) & "Five Long Years" (Eddie Boyd) 

1983      --  Trash it up (music video)

1984      --  New Romeo  (music video)

1984      --  Regis Philbin TV show

10-15-84  --  "Having a party" (concert video) taped at the Bayou
.             Club, Washington, DC.  British release; 13 tracks.
.             Released by Castle Music Video (cat. no. CMV 1043).

1984      --  Showtime special (cable TV concert)  
.             [Possibly the same show as above]

1984?     --  Interview on French TV, plus club appearances with 
.             Little Bob Story on 2 songs; includes live segment 
.             of a NJ concert.

1984      --  Tuff Turf (movie soundtrack)

1985      --  Rock influences--the Jersey Sound (MTV, 1 hr.)
.             Live footage from the Capitol Theater, Pasaic, NJ.

1986      --  Walk away Renee (music video)

1986      --  David Brenner TV show  ("Tell me")

1986      --  We've got the love (music video) performed by JAM: 
.             Jersey Artists for Mankind.  (Bobby B, SSJ, etc.)

late 1980s -- Entertainment tonight TV show ("New Romeo")

1988      --  Adventures in Babysitting (movie cameo)
.             Brit. ti.: A night on the town.  This excellent 
.             film features Elizabeth Shue herding a group of 
.             kids through various misadventures.  At one point
.             they stumble into a college party, where Southside
.             & Bobby are performing "Expressway to your heart"
.             (an old Soul Survivor song) & "Future in your
.             eyes" (co-written by Johnny Lyon!)

5-23-89   --  Late night with David Letterman ("Little Calcutta")

spring 1989  --  Eleva 2 eren (Danish national TV program)
.                "Ain't that peculiar" & "On the air"

1989?   --  Pat Sajak TV show ("Your precious love")

1990    --  Captain America (movie soundtrack) "Memories of you"

1990    --  Home Alone  (movie soundtrack)
.           "Please come home for Christmas"

1990    --  American Music Shop (cable TV show)  "Sirens of the
.           night", "Down the line" & a duet of "The Wanderer"
.           with the late Eddie Rabbitt.

1991    --  Dennis Miller TV show ("Workin' too hard")

1991    --  Entertainment Tonight TV show (no live songs)

1991    --  Tonight Show with Jay Leno ("Coming back")

1991    --  Moscow concert marking the 5th anniversary of
.           the Chernobyl disaster.  Many bands from various
.           countries attended; SSJ stood in for Paul Jones 
.           (Manfred Mann) on harp and vocals, as part of a 
.           group called "The Blues Band".  Shown in the USSR
.           (and probably Eastern Europe).

Sept. 1991  --  Having a party live at the Stone Pony (concert)
.               LaserDisc: Pioneer PA-92-452; VHS: Impact 10510
.               70 min., includes Bruce, Steve, Jon Bon Jovi.

.           --  It's been a long time (music video from concert)

Oct. 1991   --  MTV News segment about the above videoclip.

late 1991   --  German TV show during Better Days promotional 
.               tour, with footage from a music festival: Coming
.               back, All the way home, It's been a long time.

11-1-91   --  In Concert (TV show, ABC)
.             Stone Pony footage (above) with commentary by SSJ.

11-29-91  --  Late Night with David Letterman ("Coming back")

Dec. 1991   --  New York City TV ads for upcoming NYE show.

12-31-91  --  New Year's Eve concert, the Ritz, New York
.             (pay-per-view special, a portion also on Fox TV)

1991-92?  --  American Detective (TV series, theme music)

3-22-92   --  Live from the Rolling Stone Club, Milan, Italy
.             (TV concert, 120 min.)

3-26-92   --  Rockpalast WDR (German TV) Cologne concert.
.             Two versions: the original 90-min. show included
.             a backstage interview with Johnny, Bobby & Steven.
.             The 150-min. version, which aired later, included
.             the full concert, but not the interview.

4-9-92    --  Ohne Filter Extra (German TV, live audience, 1 hr.)

June 1992  --  Regis and Kathy Lee show ("All the way home")

12-25-92   --  All along the Watchtower Christmas Special 
.              (Dutch TV) 30-min., incl. long interview with SSJ
.              & a set taped at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, 11-24.
.              Blue Christmas, Talk to me, Soul's on fire, Walk
.              Away Renee, It's been a long time, others.

1992-93?   --  Down the Shore (Fox TV show, theme music)
.              "I don't want to go home"

Jan. 1993  --  Clinton Inauguration (various TV sightings)

6-24-93    --  CNN Entertainment Tonight segment filmed
.              at a Springsteen soundcheck at the Meadowlands.
.              Has a shot of SSJ rehearsing "Having a party."

July 1993  --  All-Star (baseball) Game (pre-game TV show)
.              "Take me out to the ball game"

3-30-96    --  Final Four Show (CBS basketball pregame program)
.              (probably same footage as 6-24-93)

1996       --  Grind (movie soundtrack) "All I needed was you"

6-21-97    --  MTV Europe program, "The Essential Jon Bon Jovi"
.              included a short clip of Southside & Bobby.

8-14-97    --  Conan O'Brien show  (interview, joined house band)

1-31-98    --  Patrick King Benefit Concert  (news broadcasts)
.              CNN Headline News & others ran stories on this.

1993 to present  --  Dave's World (TV show, theme music)
.                    "You may be right"