Bulletproof Software

Bulletproof Software © 1995 - 2003 is essentially me, Allan Wright. I am currently involved in developing several new applications for the Apple Newton. I started by writing some small but usefull utilities as a self-teaching tool and then expanded into other areas. So far I have completed the programs listed below.

Bulletproof Software has recently been acquired by Tri-Pixel Enterprises. The current software will continue to be maintained and developed by me as part of my responsibilities as their Chief Software Engineer.

In the true Hacker spirit I have released these programs as freeware. Anything as cool as the newton shouldn't be blemished by the commercialism of shareware fees. If you like the programs or have an idea on how to improve them please e-mail me.

2.0 Only Software

2.0 & 1.3 Savvy Software

Last Update: July 30, 1999: Announced Tri-Pixel's acquisition of Bulletproof
Last Update: February 27, 1998: Added Back-It! 1.0, and other stuff.